5 Crazy Things about Hawkeye That Prove He’s Pretty Bad-Ass

He Was The First Bad Guy Turned Avenger

Hawkeye, under the spell of Black Widow, fought against Iron Man, thinking he was doing good. He realized that his intentions were misplaced soon enough and turned over a new leaf. He joined the Avengers in Avengers #16.So basically he the unintentional bad guy, who became a bad ass superhero.

He Died More than Once

Hawkeye has died in the comics but has miraculously been brought back to life(because it’s the comics). He died in the story arc called “Onslaught” but later returned to the parallel world of Earth-616. In another story arc, Scarlet Witch wiped him from existence in another comic but was alive in the alternate House Of M reality. Scarlet witch brought him back when the real world reappeared.

He Is Leader Of The Avengers


When we say The Avengers, we mean the West Coast Avengers. At the suggestion of Vision who believed that the team should go global, Hawkeye became Chairman and Founder of the West Coast Avengers. The west coast team consisted of Mockingbird, Wonder Man, Tigra and Iron Man.

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