Why Butcher and Hughie Will Not Die

The Boys has come up to a point where most of them are in Grave Danger. While Frenchie and MM are still okay, Hughie and William Butcher could be facing death real soon. Spoiler Warning if you guys haven’t seen the seventh episode of the series. Go watch it and come back. And for those of you who are up to date with this piece of art series, read on coz I’m going to tell you how and Why Butcher and Hughie will not die.

Episode 7 made two crazy revelations. The biggest of them obviously was the reveal of Soldier Boy being Homelander’s father. But fans have also made very tense about the fate of Hughie and Billy Butcher. They’ve been taking Temporary Compound V, aka Temp-V throughout season 3. They knew this is an untested drug, yet they’ve been willing to take the risk. And now Starlight has revealed that Temp-V is fatal after 3 to 5 doses. It also progresses one’s aging process.


We know that both Billy and Hughie have taken at least 3 doses of that drug. On top of that Butcher is seemingly taking him along to get more of it even though he knows that it’s deadly. Has his lust for vengeance made him stoop so low that he is willing to take Hughie down along with him? We all care about Hughie and Butcher is the biggest selling point of the series. So, I am pretty sure that neither of them will be killed off!


Why Butcher and Hughie Will Not Die

Things could go in a way where Hughie dies and Butcher turns into the big bad villain. But I believe that after revealing Butcher’s backstory of how he left his brother behind, he will make the right choice with Hughie, who has also been like a younger brother to him. He will not let Hughie die and you might be asking how would that be possible. The number of Temp-V doses they’ve taken would prove to be lethal for both of them even if they stop now. So how will they survive?


Well, the answer to this question is simple, and it was already revealed back in season 2. Usually, Compound V is injected into children as it kills adults. But back in season 2, we saw how Vought was experimenting with Compound V upon adults as well. There were many casualties because of these experiments. But we saw that Vought actually found success with one particular adult, and that was Cindy. This deadly Supe has not been seen since the events of season 2, but we know that she is alive.


Even in this season, we saw Victoria Newman injecting the blue Compound V into her daughter’s body. She wasn’t a full-grown adult, but her body has adjusted to the drug and she continues to live her life. Similarly, Kimiko has also taken compound V as an adult. She survived the experiment once. And even after Soldier Boy took her abilities away, it seems that she would survive the experiment once more. So clearly, Compound V is the answer to how Butcher and Hughie will survive. We don’t know how the permanent V will react with a body that has been injected with a few doses of Temp-V. But we know that survival is possible.


After gaining powers from Permanent Compound V, both Hughie and Butcher might become resistant to the effects of Temp-V. And this way they’ll also retain their powers permanently. With Soldier Boy and Homelander seemingly teaming up with each other, the Boys also need some support besides Kimiko and Starlight. So, the powers of Hughie and Butcher could provide the Boys with the kind of muscle that they need to at least hold their own against the villains.


What do you guys think about this theory? Let us know in the comments.

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