The Boys Theory: How Soldier Boy Will Defeat Homelander

While Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ms. Marvel have been giving us super fun Marvel Star Wars Wednesdays, The Boys have been rocking our worlds on Fridays! Homelander is being built up to go absolutely berserk by the end of the season. But The Boys finally seem to have a defense strategy against him. Spoiler warning for those who haven’t seen episode 5 of The Boys season 3 yet.

Soldier Boy has got all his Captain America-like abilities. He has got Superhuman Strength, speed, and superhuman durability as well. He is a masterful hand-to-hand combatant who knows how to handle his shield and other weapons. Compound V also provides him with Longevity as he ages slowly. He maintains his peak physical state for decades. But he’s actually much stronger than any of Marvel’s supersoldiers.


Episode 5 showed us how his external body and his insides are totally impenetrable. Even shooting bullets in his mouth does nothing to him. On top of that, the Russians have experimented upon him. They’ve given him new abilities as he can also fire tremendously powerful radiation-infused energy blasts. He is not in full control of it yet. But it could be the key to defeating Homelander! Right now, we’ve got an epic team-up between Billy Butcher, Soldier Boy, and Hughie.


Billy Butcher has basically become a temporary ground-level Homelander as he has got super strength and heat vision. But he just can’t fly. And Hughie is a big plus to the team as he has the power to get naked and teleport! Together, they are ready to take down the strongest man on Earth in this particular Universe. But if they really have to stand a chance against him, then they need to act quickly. Butcher and Hughie’s powers last just 24 hours. And they need to stay out of Victoria Newman’s sights because she can just pop their heads off.


While Homelander is super strong himself, he has got support from Black Noir as well. So, it is going to be an uphill battle even though the Boys have got some power-ups and a new ally. But I think they have an ace up their sleeve. Or rather, it’s Soldier Boy who has this ace through his radiation-infused energy blasts. These blasts can’t just wipe out an entire block. But it seems that they can actually counter the effects of Compound V.


Kimiko took the full brunt of Soldier Boy’s radiation blast. Even though her durable body sustained the hit, she lost her healing ability almost instantaneously. And episode 5 showed us that she has actually lost her superpowers. On top of that, she has even got her voice back. So, I believe these radiation blasts could also weaken the Homelander. Or perhaps they can completely depower him.


How Soldier Boy Will Defeat Homelander

It remains to be seen whether the effects of these radiation attacks are permanent. But even if they aren’t and if Kimiko’s abilities tend to return, Homelander still won’t be invulnerable anymore if Soldier Boy manages to land this energy attack on him. It may be temporary, but at least the Boys will get a chance to kill him while he is depowered. And that’s how you defeat Homelander.


But there would be a twist in the tale. If Homelander becomes as vulnerable as a regular human, then there won’t be anyone left to take Soldier Boy down. He would become the most powerful soop on Earth. And I believe he is even worse than Homelander. So, the Boys would have an entirely new problem on their hands. Soldier Boy was captured and experimented upon for decades. He has a lot of anger stored in him against the whole world. So he’d become another tyrant! The Boys would just be replacing one out-of-control soop with another. Maybe Victoria Newman could pop Soldier Boy’s head off. I guess we’ll see about that. But my theory is that Soldier Boy will become the big bad villain of Season 4!


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