The Boys Season 2 – Billy Butcher Short Film Reveals Where He Was in Episode 1

Before releasing the 4th episode of The Boys Season 2, Amazon Prime has given us a short film that reveals where Billy Butcher was throughout the first episode. He only showed up at the very end in a funky tracksuit. Then the opening of the second episode showed us how Homelander just dropped Billy in Fort Wayne after showing him that his wife has been alive all this time. As Billy was disoriented, he walked into a nearby Tony Cicero’s restaurant. He wrote down what he remembered about Becca’s location on a piece of paper, and then he realized that Homelander had outed him as the killer of Madelyn Stillwell. What happened next is shown in the following short film called “Butcher.” Take a look:

Back in August, Showrunner Erik Kripke told Collider that these scenes didn’t fit well with the pacing of the episode so they converted them into the short film that we just saw. Kripke said:

“But we have these scenes and so we strung them together into a short film called ‘Butcher,’ and we’re going to release that. You’ll be able to see it as this short film of like what his blank, missing couple weeks looked like, and it will work as a companion piece to the show.”

The Boys Season 2 – Billy Butcher Short Film Episode 1

As much as we love Billy Butcher, his character is extremely dark and “f***ing diabolical”. We love him for his cynical humor & badassery. We sympathize with him for what Homelander and Vought have done to him. But there’s this murderous side that makes us afraid of him. That’s why we have to salute the writers, showrunner Erik Kripke, and of course Kar Urban for fleshing out such an amazing character. The show is filled with a lot of great characters but Butcher is on a totally different level!

Catch more of him today on Amazon Prime Video.

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