New Logan Image Hints At A Major Character’s Death

The last Wolverine film, Logan, has been making news for all the right reasons. While other movies like Deadpool 2 and The Flash have suffered the unfortunate situation of losing their directors, Logan has been blessed with a director that seems to be as passionate about the movie as the fans themselves. James Mangold has posted some important plot points in the movie, vying fans to speculate with enthusiasm about the upcoming film. Logan’s official social media Wponx has also posted some pivotal pictures for the upcoming movie.


Wpomx posted a new picture that has become controversial among fans. In the picture, Wolverine is seen near a house, with his back to the picture with his claws out. On the ground next to him is a dead body. Some have speculated it to be a minion of the Reavers or a member of the group. Comicbook.com has made a suggestion that the dead body could be Professor X.

logan wolverine

In the exciting new trailer, it is indicated that Xavier s not doing too well. He’s seen lying on his back in a bed, pondering at the oblivion that he faces every day after losing the entire X-Men family. As the trailer proceeds on, Wolverine and Laura are seen burying someone in the forest. Comicbook.com has put two and two together and come to a conclusion that Professor X may be the body that the pair has buried.


The site speculates that Xavier, Logan, and Laura are hiding out in the cabin that is shown in the picture. The trio faces an attack from The Reavers, who might be searching for the young girl. Xavier uses his powers [what he can control anyway] to save Logan and Laura from an attack which ultimately leads to his death. Xavier is not featured in the Old Man Logan comics, so his appearance and imminent death in the film could be a plot point for Logan to return back as Wolverine, in a final attempt for revenge against The Reavers.

Whether this theory holds ground to the real story line is a whole other thing. Logan promises to be something different than what other Wolverine films have been, so fans will have to be open with whatever is being offered.

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