4 Awesome Superpowers Completely Ruined By Science

Superheroes are the crux behind our interest in digging up the comic books, and even after decades of the journey, we think that superpowers make our favorite superheroes stand different and show them burly from all aspects. Hello! It is not what you think. It clearly looks like they are born with such powers, but we have a worldwide phenomenon that we are living with and it is called ‘science’. With all that gadgetry, battle strategy and quick-thinking, we show you four superpowers that are completely ruined by basic science.

1) The Flash and His Super Speed.

the flahs

Till now it seems like The Flash’s suit is made up from some kind of serious mysterious material which does not turn into a fireball when outrunning Superman. Call science here, with this strong speed, his organs would splatter around inside of him and with friction and inertia, he would smash and burn into flames.

2) Iron Man and his Red Suit


With all his action flicks and speedy movements, Tony Stark shines in his red suit. But as fascinating it looks, the suit has flaws like its tremendous amount of energy. But forget it, it is just a guy who is stuffed inside a relatively thin suit. As he makes his sharp turns, one thing called g-force is enough strong to blow him inside his suit as he propels. As he goes faster towards the ground, his blood vessel would burst with a massive internal bleeding. Science has a big mouth.

3) Spider-Man and His Shooting Webs.


Referring to the Spider-Man, who shoots webs from his forearms and swinging all way around the places. Well, most spiders shoot webs out of their butts., not limbs. Imagine, the movie now. It would’ve been a ‘different’ movie.

4) The Hulk and His Gamma Ray-Induced Transformation.


Well, what do you think the gamma rays do to a person? It is explicitly not like someone turning into the Hulk. In real it would have killed the character. The radiation from gamma rays would have burned him.

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