10 Facts About Vought International of The Boys You Must Know At All Costs

Facts About Vought International of The Boys:

The Boys is one of the highest-rated superheroes shows to ever come into existence. Amazon Prime really outdid everyone this time. They accurately showed how a real-life superhero scenario would look like. What would happen if superheroes actually existed? Will they be as all-forgiving and kind and gentle as in the comic books or will they be some over-privileged, entitled, and unworthy of the praises being thrown at them pieces of sh*t? The answer is simple – it’s the latter!! And who is to blame for this? It is Vought International, the global private superpower that controls the Seven, the world’s most powerful superhero team in existence. While the superheroes may be evil, their handlers are not very far behind in that category.

 1. Involved in Huge Scandals!!

Facts About Vought International of The Boys

Vought International is involved in the greatest of scandals. Many of the people who were wronged by Vought Internationals’ unethical practices have mysteriously disappeared or silenced. Mother’s Milk, one of the members of the Boys, is actually a superhuman in the comic books. His mother once worked in a Vought factory which was secretly manufacturing Compound V. His mother got exposed to the deadly chemical like many of the rest of the workers. But only she managed to survive. His father tried to sue Vought several times but failed. After he finally succeeded in proving in court that Vought was behind this scandal, he was found dead under “mysterious circumstances”.

 2. The Vought Cinematic Universe

Facts About Vought International of The Boys

The show is actually a seriously dark parody of the superhero shows and movies that have taken the pop culture of the planet by storm. But they do not stop there. The potshots continue. In one of the episodes, it is revealed that Vought has also used movies to create a Vought Cinematic Universe, pretty much like the real world Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe. Seth Rogen, the renowned actor, and comedian appears in the same episode where he reveals that he will be directing Black Noir: Resurrection and that he is extremely excited to be a part of the esteemed Vought Cinematic Universe.

 3. They make their own superheroes

Facts About Vought International of The Boys

Vought has everyone fooled by making them into believing that the superheroes it represents are chosen by God. That is actually not the case. The superheroes are the result of an advanced drug called Compound V. And how do they inject it into test subjects? Turns out, Compound V is highly fatal to fully develop human beings and in most cases, it is instant death. The only way a human body could accept it as if it was a new-born. That’s right – Vought targets vulnerable couples that have just given birth to their babies and convinces them into giving up their kids for inhumane experimentation. That is how they create their superheroes.

 4. They have Nazi roots

Facts About Vought International of The Boys

The corporation did not even make their own wonder drug. What is supposed to be their core competency – the superpower granting Compound V – is not even theirs. It is a stolen technology dating back to World War Two. Compound V was created by the Nazi Scientists to create super soldiers. Vought International stole that technology and decided to create their band of superheroes to market and sell. What is even more disturbing is that the first-ever superhuman created by the Nazis through Compound V injection – a super racist idiot known as Stormfront, is still under Vought’s payroll.

 5. They want to control the entire world’s government

Facts About Vought International of The Boys

Vought International has one and one goal only – get the superheroes into the armed forces and see the chaos unfold. They believe that superheroes are the weapons of tomorrow and the new age weapons are obsolete. The public support for this mind-set is mixed. Some support Vought’s stance and some don’t. But imagine once they do get their superheroes into the armed forces. The superheroes will have significantly more authority and since they will be influencing an economic and military sup0erpower, they will be essentially controlling the whole world.

 6. Excellent manipulators

Facts About Vought International of The Boys

Vought International tries all sorts of ways to try and persuade whoever opposes them into standing aside and let them pass. But if push comes to shove, they will not hesitate from using underhanded tactics to get the job done. They made everyone believe that Robin, Hughie’s first girlfriend that died in the starting of the series, was a known drug addict. They would go to the extent of blackmailing a powerful US Senator by showing obscene pictures of him taken by a shape-shifting superhuman under their employment to ensure he does their bidding.

 7. Their analytics experts can predict crime before it happens

Facts About Vought International of The Boys

One of Vought’s greatest assets is their crime analytics team. The team has access to an infinite amount of personal records and chat conversations. They use Vought’s communications satellite to tap into hundreds of thousands of priority calls every day. This helps them to create patterns of crime across each neighborhood. Their analytics of crime is so accurate it is almost like precognition. They can predict a crime before it could happen. But they do not pass on this information to the cops. They use it to send their superheroes to save the day before the appropriate authorities could.

 8. They created super-powered terrorists

Facts About Vought International of The Boys

Although we would not say they created them, we must say they were a major accomplice in creating them. It was Homelander and A-Train’s idea to drop shipments of Compo9und V throughout the world and turn some of the vilest creatures on Earth into superhumans. Their intention was that in time of need, they would not have to look for a villain. They would already have plenty to fight around.  When the FBI almost shut them down, Vought used the news of a super-powered terrorist that they created secretly to garner public support for allowing Vought International’s superheroes into the army, navy and air force. The level they would go to just to get their work done is staggeringly low.

 9. They are actually a marketing and multimedia corporation

Facts About Vought International of The Boys

Vought is not a superhero management company as what everyone is made to believe. They are actually a pure multimedia and marketing agency. They drum up the popularity of their superheroes and then use them to endorse and publicize brands and launch marketing campaigns to generate profits. That is how Vought makes their bread and butter. Compound V just gave them the keys to King Solomon’s Mines and they have been mining and milking that thing ever since.

Facts About Vought International of The Boys

To give you an example – Vought International managed a superhero called Haley Joel Osment aka Mesmer, who had the ability to read minds through touch. Osment was a child star but is still very popular and Vought still makes hundreds of thousands of dollars out of Mesmer even after his show ended years ago.

 10. Created Homelander in a laboratory

Facts About Vought International of The Boys

Imagine a child who never knew his parents. Imagine he was kept inside a laboratory his whole childhood, just being used as a lab rat for experiments by scientists in hazmat suits and white aprons all day long. Imagine the guy suddenly realizing he was the world’s most powerful superhero. That is Homelander for you – Vought International’s most prized asset. Without a proper family or social structure to teach a child what is good and what is bad and how to differentiate between the two, Homelander grew up to become a violent psychopath. All his life he was inside a laboratory and when set free, the world became his playground. The rest is history.

The Boys was released on Amazon Prime on July 26, 2019. The official synopsis of the series reads:

A group of vigilantes set out to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers. The Boys is set in a universe where superpowered people are recognized as heroes by the general public and owned by powerful corporation Vought International, which ensures that they are aggressively marketed and monetized.

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