10 Shocking Comic Book Moments we Want to See in The Boys Season 2

Comic Book Moments in The Boys Season 2:

In the era of idealistic superheroes that people look up to, The Boys is a refreshing take on the whole super-powered Knight in shining armour genre. The Boys paints the good guys as the actual bad guys. In a truly realistic scenario, anyone with the power to bend steel and fly higher than the clouds is not going to stay the Boy Scout for long. The Boys’ relatable but graphic content was a hit for many fans that had grown wary of the classic superhero fiction ventures. And it showed in the critical ratings and financial performance. The approval rating for “The Boys” Season 1 is 8.9 at IMDB. Amazon has already declared The Boys a grand success and is now on track to make another season of super-hero ass kicking. The first season it-self wasted a lot of good comic book moments though. We hope the next season does not screw that up.

 1. Terror

Comic Book Moments in The Boys Season 2

The cute little attack dog that responds only to Billy Butcher’s commands was absent from the first season of the Boys. Terror is a very pivotal character in the comic books and is Billy’s most loyal companion. He is also the subject of many a comic book relief moments in The Boys. He was shown in one of the promo pictures of the Boys where he could be seen watching TV along with them. Billy’s attack dog needs to come to the second season since, without Terror, the show is virtually incomplete.

 2. Enter the G-Men

Comic Book Moments in The Boys Season 2

The Boys comic book series became so popular because of one specific fact – they blatantly parodied existing superhero communities and showed a darker version of the same superhero teams in their universe. The G-Men are their universe’s counterpart of the X-Men. But unlike the X-Men who are a group of benevolent vigilantes led by a charismatic and noble Professor Charles Xavier, the G-Men are just another group of Superheroes that want to rival the Seven, The Boys universe version of the Justice League. The G-Men are led by Mr John Godolkin, a very shrewd and business-minded individual that intends to rival Vought Studios’ monopoly in the Superhero business. But Amazon might encounter some problems since the G-Men are too similar to the X-Men and Disney as well as Fox might both legally intervene.

 3. Homelander shows his true sex offender side

Comic Book Moments in The Boys Season 2

We have seen Starlight do wonders as part of Vought’s The Seven. She was the first to reveal to the world how Vought is manipulating the world into doing their bidding. She bared it all in the Believe Expo. But there was one scene in the comic books that did not make it to the show. In the TV Series, Starlight is blackmailed into giving the Deep sexual favours in exchange for a place in the team. The comic books took it to a whole new level. In the comic book series, Homelander, Black Noir and A-Train are the ones that collectively blackmail their newest recruit into giving them all a ride of their lives. Homelander has only been shown to be evil but his sexual urges have not been highlighted in a better way.

 4. Black Noir’s true identity

Comic Book Moments in The Boys Season 2

Black Noir is a very mysterious character in the Boys. Nobody knows his powers except the fact that he roams around in the night and has shown the traits of super speed and strength. He is also very good at close quarter combat and throwing and using knives. But that is all we know about him!! In the comic books, Black Noir was actually the clone of Homelander. He was mentally unstable and would commit crimes masquerading as him. Everybody would accuse Homelander and that is how he went insane, trying to figure out how he could not remember doing any of those things. Black Noir was supposed to be a contingency in case Homelander went out of control. The second season needs to tell us the real truth behind Black Noir.

 5. The Resurrection of Translucent

Comic Book Moments in The Boys Season 2

Blarney Cock is one of the teenage superheroes and a crucial member of Teenage Kix. In the comic books, Blarney Cock, not Translucent, was the first-ever superhero murder by Hughie. The mode and method of killing Blarney and Translucent are eerily similar.

Comic Book Moments in The Boys Season 2

But here’s the catch – Blarney came back from the dead as a zombie head. And since the TV Show has replaced Blarney Cock with Translucent, does it mean Translucent will also come back from the after-life? Blarney was only functioning on 3 per cent of his total brain capacity and kept mumbling words that meant “Where’s my Hamster”. Since Translucent does not have a hamster, does it mean he will go after his now orphaned son??

 6. The Slaughter at G-Mansion

Comic Book Moments in The Boys Season 2

The G-Men are the world’s most lucrative and well-established Superhero team after the Boys. While Vought maintains supremacy in North America, the G-Men are the go-to guys in the rest of the world. Hughie, in a latter issue, realises that the G-Men are not a force of super soldiers but are actually a group of abducted children that were sexually assaulted when they were minors by the founder of G-Men, John Godolkin. Hughie decides to liberate the oppressed children from being further abused. One hundred G-Men go toe to toe with the Boys and the result is the Boys surviving after Vought sends a paramilitary force to slaughter the G-Men and make sure the superhero tag stays untainted.

 7. The Hilarious death of Dakota Bob

Comic Book Moments in The Boys Season 2

One of the good things about the comic book series is that they are very spontaneous. Anything could happen at any point in time. Dakota Bob – the nickname given to the sole guy who was the last man standing against Vought taking control of the US Armed Forces, was a thorn at the superheroes’ side. But luckily, Vought never had to kill him. Instead, he was killed by a Wolverine that a kid brought into the white house. Dakota Bob died a gnarly death after his face has eaten up and mauled to the bone by the pet Wolverine. Homelander and the rest of the heroes soon swoop in into the White House and used this opportunity to kill Vice the Veep. They were now in control.

 8. Super Duper

Comic Book Moments in The Boys Season 2

The Super Dupers are a team of the good of nothing superheroes that actually work for the betterment of society. Unlike the G-Men and the Seven, Super Duper members have their heart at the right place but their powers seldom work and are very weak compared to the rest of the superheroes. They regularly partake in community service and help people. To help people restore their faith in superheroes, Super Duper could fill in the role of a genuine superhero team that does not work for recognition bit public welfare.

 9. Billy vs. Hughie

Comic Book Moments in The Boys Season 2

Billy Butcher, one of the primary protagonists of the series, reveals his grand plan to destroy the superhero community and rid the world of their thirst for power. Billy had lied to the team when he said that he had killed Jonah Vogelbaum, the Nazi that created Compound V. He had actually working in secret with Vogelbaum to recreate the Compound V and re-engineer the process so that it could be used to create a bioweapon that will kill every individual infected by Compound V. The rest of the team would have opposed being accessories to mass genocide, so Billy killed them all in a huge explosion. Hughie survived the blast and would later have a showdown with Billy atop the Empire State building. Hughie and Billy are already on a collision course in the series. This might actually be a possibility.

 10. Tek Knight

Comic Book Moments in The Boys Season 2

Believe it or not, for what it’s worth – Tek Knight is actually one of the more good-hearted superheroes in The Boys. That is how screwed up the Boys universe is. Tek Knbight does not have any superpowers but what he does have is a genius-level intellect. He uses his brains to create technology that he uses to create a suit of armour and parades around as an armour-clad vigilante for justice. Tek Knight also has had an infamous end to his journey in the comic books. He died literally having sex with an Asteroid!! We are not even kidding. Tek Knight grew mentally unstable and tried to score anywhere he found a hole. When he was sent to destroy an asteroid that was about to destroy the Earth, Tek Knight hallucinated that the asteroid has a huge vagina and try to screw it. Yeah, the Boys is f*cked up.

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