10 Mind-Blowing Behind-The-Scenes Facts About WandaVision

WandaVision’s final episode ended with a bang, and looking at the response, it looks like the fans are asking for more. The WandaVision arc episodes premiered first on 15 January 2021, after almost a gap of 18 months and since then it has been a hell of a ride. Fans have been transported from the 1960s to the 21st century in a matter of weeks. WandaVision’s episodes focused on how Wanda’s life was impacted after the events of the endgame, as she was the one who had lost everything that she had and gained. In the episodes we witnessed how Wanda had been suffering since her childhood and how those memories often come back to haunt her. The WandaVision narrative was a fresh breather for many MCU fans, but there are still certain facts that kind of may have been missed out in all the chaos. Below is a list of facts that many of the fans may have missed about the WandaVision.

For those of our readers who have not seen the WandaVision season 1, major **spoiler alert** for the forthcoming content.

Senor Scratchy

According to the producers, a scene which saw Tommy, Billy and Wanda go to Agatha’s basement, witness them being attacked by senor scratchy transforming into a demon. This scene was shot by the team, but due to time constraints and continuity of the story never made it to the final cut.

Sitcom Boot Camp

Behind-The-Scenes Facts About WandaVision
Behind-The-Scenes Facts About WandaVision

The entire cast was sat down for a boot camp and a drill-down session was initiated, to make everyone understands what was being expected of them. The Sitcom sit-down happened after Kevin Feige and Matt Shakman met the star of the show Dick Van Dyke, picking his brains for some insight on the improvisation that they were thinking about adding in the show.

Not The Initial Series Of Phase 4

The pandemic put the entire phase 4 in a backlog. The initial release sequence of Phase 4 was supposed to start with Black Widow, Eternals, and Falcon & The Winter soldier, and then the WandaVision narrative would set up the platform for Doctor Strange’s: Multiverse of Madness which was supposed to release in May 2021, instead of March 2022.

Paul Trolled The Fans

Behind-The-Scenes Facts About WandaVision
Behind-The-Scenes Facts About WandaVision

Just before the release of episode 9, Paul Bettany trolled the entire MCU fandom, with a story about starring opposite his all-time favorite actor, which for many fans was news as no one knew of any new cast being implicated in the show. It was later in episode 9 where the audience witnessed Paul Bettany playing a double as Wanda’s manifested Vision and the White Vision created by S.W.O.R.D.

Endgame Post-Credit Scene Almost Had A Wandavision Reveal

The post-credit scene of the Avengers: Endgame was supposed to have a scene that witnessed Vision’s body broken down into pieces. Which later on Kevin Feige decided not to show at the end of the movie.

The Vision Was Blue In The Sitcom Episodes

Behind-The-Scenes Facts About WandaVision
Behind-The-Scenes Facts About WandaVision

To achieve the perfect sitcom setup, it was decided to portray Paul Bettany’s character in the color blue. This was done to achieve that perfect vintage look on the real grayscale recording until the first traces of color would appear on the screen.

Paul Assumed He Was Getting Fired

Avengers: Endgame Chris Hemsworth Thor

Post the shooting of Avengers: Endgame when Paul Bettany was called to the Marvel Studious, he assumed that it was to break the news of his contract coming to an end with the Marvel Studios. But, to his surprise, it was about the WandaVision episode and they wanted to pitch the same to him.

1st Episode Shot With A Live Audience

Episode 1 of the WandaVision arc was shot in front of a live studio audience on set, to keep it authentic and real. Olsen and Bettany professed the experience to be a nerve-racking one.

Kathryn Hahn Sang The Agatha Theme Song

Hahn is the person who provided the vocals for Agatha’s theme song in the series, which eventually came up to number 1 on the iTunes charts and no. 5 on the local charts. Hahn was both surprised and shocked by the sudden developments.

Elizabeth Pushed For The Costume

WandaVision Exact Release Date

Elizabeth Olsen claims to have pushed the production team, to redesign her Halloween costume in the series to look identical to her counterparts’ original costume in the comics. Elizabeth like her sisters seems to be very persistent with things she actually believes in.

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