Agatha Harkness

  • HollywoodBehind-The-Scenes Facts About WandaVision

    10 Mind-Blowing Behind-The-Scenes Facts About WandaVision

    WandaVision’s final episode ended with a bang, and looking at the response, it looks like the fans are asking for more. The WandaVision arc episodes premiered first on 15 January 2021, after almost a gap of 18 months and since then it has been a hell of a ride. Fans have been transported from the 1960s to the 21st century…

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  • HollywoodWandaVision Characters Ranked

    WandaVision Characters Ranked From Worst to Best

    The WandaVision epilogue which was first premiered at the beginning of the year on January 15, witnessed the events after the Endgame and marked a return of the MCU to the silver screen. The long-awaited episode started after a waiting interval of nearly 18 months and saw a whole new story unfold. Based on the events of the endgame, fans…

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  • HollywoodWandaVision Writers Misdirected The Audience

    WandaVision: How The Writers Misdirected The Audience

    A big part of the WandaVision arc was based on misdirection, especially when all of it was a manifestation by the mind. The first episode of WandaVision was aired on 15th January 2021. Since, the airing of the first episode, the entire Marvel fan base has been following every single episode of the long-awaited phase 4’s release of the WandaVision…

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    WandaVision: What’s Next For Agatha Harkness after the Finale?

    WARNING: EPISODE 9 (SERIES FINALE) SPOILERS AHEAD! WandaVision episode 9 finally gave us the most awaited fight. Agatha Harkness and Wanda Maximoff went toe-to-toe against each other. We finally got to see Agatha’s true powers. During the fight, Agatha almost drained Wanda of her powers. Ultimately, Scarlet Witch borrowed Agatha’s rune trick and left her powerless. Agatha was defeated and…

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  • Hollywood

    Wanda Vs Agatha: Who Will Win The Witch Battle?

    WandaVision arc has quite wonderfully rattled or jolted the joyride of the MCU back into motion. The arrival of new characters in the WandaVision arc has brought about a change in the narrative and has even revealed the new characters which we might get to see in the upcoming movies of the MCU like Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness and…

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    WandaVision: What’s The Significance of Agatha’s Brooch?

    What Agatha’s Brooch Significance? WandaVision episode 8 revealed Agatha’s past in 1693 placed in Salem, Massachusetts, the infamous “Salem Witch Trials” took place. In Marvel Comics (Earth-616), Agatha Harkness formed the coven of witches that were persecuted during the trials. However, she actually approved of the trials ultimately because she thought it would weed out the weak witches, thereby making…

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  • News

    WandaVision: Agatha’s Past Revelation Connects to Doctor Strange

    Agatha’s Connection to Doctor Strange: In 1693 in Salem, Massachusetts the infamous “Salem Witch Trials” took place. During these witch trials, people in Salem were accused of using witchcraft, or the Devil’s Magic, and in our real-world 20 were executed. In Marvel Comics (Earth-616), Agatha Harkness formed the coven of witches that were persecuted during the trials. However, she actually approved…

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  • HollywoodAgatha’s Mother Connection With Wanda

    WandaVision: Agatha’s Mother And Her Connection With Wanda Explained

    In the most recent episode of the WandaVision episode 8, we see the story take a step back and veer off into the distant past. The narrative of the story revolves around the characters who had led to the development of the present characters in the MCU and the kind of connection these characters had with the present characters in…

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  • NewsWandaVision: Agatha Related To Dormammu

    WandaVision: Agatha Is Secretly Related To Dormammu

    Agatha related To Dormammu: Agatha was definitely one of the most ambiguous characters in Westview, or WandaVision entirely. But this revelation that Agatha was behind all this was epic. Fans had their doubts, but the way Marvel unfolded the events was marvelous. To help support this even further, let’s take a quick look at Billy (Julian Hilliard). We’ve only very…

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  • NewsAgatha's Rabbit Is Her Son

    WandaVision Theory: Agatha’s Rabbit Is Actually Her Son

    Agatha’s Rabbit Is Her Son: There are many theories pertaining to Agatha Harkness. WandaVision episode 7 took the entire world by storm. A revelation that everyone was waiting for has finally been made. At long last, the Agatha Harkness revelation has been made. It only took nearly seven entire episodes to get there, but Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) finally revealed herself…

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  • QB MemesFunniest It's Agatha All Along Memes

    20 Funniest It’s Agatha All Along Memes That Have Hexed Our Brain

    WandaVision episode 7 revealed that Agnes, Agatha Harkness, is currently behind the mystery of Westview, but her purpose of doing so is unknown. Nevertheless, this reveal has put WandaVision on a whole new pedestal, and as we approach the climax, we can only expect things to go uphill from here. Check out these funniest It’s Agatha All Along memes that…

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  • TelevisionWandaVision Theory Agnes May Have Absorbed Wanda’s Kids

    WandaVision Theory: Agnes May Have Absorbed Wanda’s Kids

    In the WandaVision episode 7 we have witnessed Billy and Tommy being taken to Agnes’s place by Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) herself and then Billy finding it peaceful at her house compared to all the noise that he could hear in his own house. In the next sequence we witness Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) being confronted by Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) while…

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