WandaVision: How The Writers Misdirected The Audience

A big part of the WandaVision arc was based on misdirection, especially when all of it was a manifestation by the mind. The first episode of WandaVision was aired on 15th January 2021. Since, the airing of the first episode, the entire Marvel fan base has been following every single episode of the long-awaited phase 4’s release of the WandaVision arc. The episodes were aired in a sitcom setup and eventually caught up to the present times in a short span. The episodes have been known to provide several Easter eggs which have kind of kept the Marvel Fans or the true believers on their feet. True Believer was a term coined by none other than Stan Lee himself for all the fans of the entire Marvel Universe.

In the episodes of the WandaVision, we have experienced several misdirections across multiple domains and episodes. With every episode revealing its character and also giving several hints for the upcoming episodes. It kept the fans guessing the plausible upcoming plots of the WandaVision arc. One such example was The Mandarin from Iron Man 3, turning out to be a regular actor instead of the real Leader of the mystical terrorist organization called the 10 rings. This misleads not only made the fans feel disappointed but also left the entire plot hanging in the hands of Aldrich Killian.

WandaVision Writers Misdirected The Audience

In the WandaVision narrative, the viewers witnessed a lot of misdirection, which even led them to believe in the existence of a legendary super-powerful being. Who according to the fans was supposedly pulling the strings within the Hex, whilst using Wanda as a puppet. Now according to hardcore MCU theorist’s there we many claims made in the episode which made claims to the arrival of another powerful entity. But, the story never went or tilted in that direction because of the way the writers had charted out the plot. Here are a few of the popular misleads of the WandaVision arc.

Agnes Reference Of Ralph

WandaVision Writers Misdirected The Audience
WandaVision Writers Misdirected The Audience

In the beginning episodes, we are shown Agnes often making vague references. From her reference to ‘Ralph’ to her references to the devil is in the details. She was always shown to make weird references to a devil-like entity’s existence, who as per her was her partner in crime.

Dottie May Be The Key

During the WandaVision, Dottie’s body language towards the events unfolding inside the Hex seemed like she was aware of what would happen. As the story progressed Dottie’s still behaved as suspicious as in the previous episodes. Without giving a heads up on her real avatar or persona.

Evan Peters’ Was The Real Quicksilver

WandaVision Writers Misdirected The Audience

The inclusion of Evan Peters into the storyline was a surprise for a lot of viewers. The story moved on in such a dramatic sense, that many believed Evan Peters to be the real Quicksilver.

Agnes Was A Victim

The events of Westview unfolded in a very peculiar manner and one character’s response to all these events may have seemed to be extremely peculiar but was found to be real by many audiences. The way Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) played around the entire storyline of the narrative, just made her look like a victim of the horrible events unfolding in the WandaVision.

Commercials In WandaVision

The commercials which appeared in the WandaVision arc were related to the past traumas experienced by Wanda. Every commercial was linked to a critical event in Wanda’s life and was considered to make a big reveal. But in episode 7 when Wanda’s reality was broken, the commercials as well ceased to exist.

Wanda Stole Vision

WandaVision Writers Misdirected The Audience
WandaVision Writers Misdirected The Audience

The most major misdirection was Wanda stealing the corpse of Vision, to stop S.W.O.R.D from creating a sentient weapon from wreaking havoc on earth. But, the reality was very different from the showcased plot. Which saw Director Tyler Hayward as the key conspirator of the entire plot of hiding the truth, from the people who were trying to help Wanda.

House of M

As the events of the series unfolded, we were welcomed to a possible conclusion where the events of the WandaVision arc would lead to world domination. The events unfolding in the WandaVision were speculated to probably lead to the events of ‘House Of M’. That saw the mutants finally make an entrance in the MCU narrative, in tandem with the Avengers characters cast.

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