WandaVision: How Episode 7 Nexus Commercial Links to Loki

The latest commercial in Episode 7 of the WandaVision arc may have just dropped a side hint and possibly a cunning link to the upcoming Loki series on the Disney+. The latest episode titled “Breaking the 4th Wall”, follows the WandaVision post the event where Wanda extends the Hex encapsulating the Sentient World Observation and Response Department (S.W.O.R.D) camp set up outside the Hex. The larger area of the Hex has left Wanda a bit overburdened with manifesting the reality inside the reality-altering dome, because of which a lot of changes that were made to an alternate reality inside the dome, seem to be glitching. Also, the recent arrival of Agnes in a complete avatar may have left Wanda and the audience in complete awe. We knew there was something fishy about the character, but none of us could’ve guessed her actual participation in the entire plot.

WandaVision Episode 7 Nexus Links to Loki
WandaVision Episode 7 Nexus Links to Loki

In the latest episode, a new commercial is featured about an anti-depressant drug called ‘Nexus’, if we were to draw a literal conclusion in terms of the storyline. The drug was aimed at Wanda and her losing the grip around the altered reality that she has conjured around her, which might be leading her into a state of depression. But in the MCU the majority of hints or so-called easter eggs are never placed without a reason. These ads may also serve the purpose of a post-credit scene, which may be used to employ a relation between the events transpiring within the MCU.

The latest antidepressant drug commercial features Nexus as the drug which can anchor one’s mind to the current reality or to the reality which is a creation of one’s mind or liking. One of the side effects of the drug possibly seems to ‘added depression’ which kind of something that Wanda is currently going through. The name ‘Nexus’ also connects to the existence of Nexus beings within the MCU, Nexus beings have forever been revered in Marvel Cinematic Universe. These beings are capable of altering the probability and thus the future, eventually disrupting the flow of the Universal time stream. These beings have the power of not just changing the present, but also the future by manipulating the present and setting a set of events and actions in motion to adversely affect the reality of even an entire planet that they seem to be residing on.

WandaVision Episode 7 Nexus Links to Loki
WandaVision Episode 7 Nexus Links to Loki

Thus, the commercial in Episode 7 of the WandaVision arc may directly set up a platform for the upcoming Loki series, as Loki which is played by Tom Hiddleston himself has managed to be present in several known realities both in the omnipresent and the omnificent states as he was able to manifest with a completely different set of agendas and schemes in the most creative way possible and let’s not forget that he hasn’t been proven dead yet. The commercial also hints at the arrival of the Time Variance Authority’ (TVA), this is a group of people who keep an eye on all the existing reality and keep tabs on any multiple parallel realities that might be created and have had a long reference to the Nexus beings present in the MCU.

The resurfacing of Loki in multiple series ranging from falling into a universal black hole created during the destruction of the ‘Bifrost’, him making a return after getting stabbed by Kurse in Thor: Dark World and him vanishing in space during the Endgame trilogy of the Infinity saga may have diverted the attention of ‘Time Variance Authority’ (TVA) from the other less pressing matters at hand. Now Loki’s apparent death may have switched their focus into another direction, but the most recent development on the planet earth with Wanda creating an alternate fabricating reality dome and this affecting only a bunch of select people may not have pushed them to look into the matter, but with the commercial advertisement popping up, it would be safe to assume that they might be keeping a close eye on the events unfolding inside and around the Hex.

The new reference to ‘Nexus’ may set up a platform for the upcoming Loki series or we might just witness the arrival of ‘Time Variance Authority’ (TVA) in the last few episodes of the WandaVision arc in tandem with Doctor Strange, who might be one of the active members of ‘Time Variance Authority’ (TVA) along with being the Sorcerer Supreme.

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