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    WandaVision Might Have Foreshadowed A Doctor Strange 2 Plot Point

    WandaVision Episode 7’s ‘Nexus’ commercial might have set up a plot point in Doctor Strange 2. Marvel Studios have always tried to blend their superhero films with other genres. WandaVision was a superhero sitcom. It included commercials that worked as important clues. The most interesting one was an advertisement for a new wonder antidepressant named ‘Nexus’. It was described as…

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  • NewsWandaVision Episode 7 Nexus Links to Loki

    WandaVision: How Episode 7 Nexus Commercial Links to Loki

    The latest commercial in Episode 7 of the WandaVision arc may have just dropped a side hint and possibly a cunning link to the upcoming Loki series on the Disney+. The latest episode titled “Breaking the 4th Wall”, follows the WandaVision post the event where Wanda extends the Hex encapsulating the Sentient World Observation and Response Department (S.W.O.R.D) camp set…

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