Wanda Vs Agatha: Who Will Win The Witch Battle?

WandaVision arc has quite wonderfully rattled or jolted the joyride of the MCU back into motion. The arrival of new characters in the WandaVision arc has brought about a change in the narrative and has even revealed the new characters which we might get to see in the upcoming movies of the MCU like Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness and Captain Marvel 2. In the Wanda Vision epilogue, the characters which we might see make a return on the silver screen could be Agatha Harness and Scarlet Witch with Doctor Strange’s: Multiverse of Madness and Monica Rambeau as Spectrum in Captain Marvel 2. The final episode of the WandaVision episode 9 is certain to be hair raising experience.

For those of our readers who have not seen the latest episode 8 of the WandaVision arc are requested to steer away from the below content to avoid any **spoilers**.

In Episode 8 of the Wanda Vision arc, we see Agnes, revealing her true self and confronting Wanda about her power and the capabilities which they may posse to make all her dreams come true. The story starts back into the past in Salem, Massachusetts with a reference to the ‘Salem Witch Trials’ way back in 1693. Agatha is tied to stake while being summoned to the accusations of using magic above her level and practicing black arts.

Agatha is then surrounded by the witches of her coven while enchanting a spell on her, they attack Agatha with a beam of blue magic, and while Agatha starts screaming in pain only for her to slowly start leeching on their energy and finally draw out their life force and sucked them dry. Agatha does the same to her mother who is the head of the coven. This shows that Agatha had a lot of experience, hard work, and practice on her side to be able to take down an entire coven and the head witch of the coven which was also her mother.

Wanda Vs Agatha Who Will Win The Witch Battle?
Wanda Vs Agatha Who Will Win The Witch Battle?

On the other hand, we see Wanda after being snapped back to reality, finally confronts Thanos for what he did to Vision and can stop him in his tracks which several beings have to date been unable to do. Hell, the entire Avengers parade was unable to lay a single scratch on Thanos, except Iron Man. Wanda was able to not just stop him, but also rip apart his armor, only to be later on getting hit by the pulse cannon or the energy cannon from Sanctuary II. With this one can denounce that though Wanda is capable of manifesting massive amounts of Chaos energy, she is unable to find a systematic approach to wield its capabilities. For example, Doctor Strange is able of manifesting his powers of the mystic arts with exact precision and system, same goes for Agatha she employs only enough magic which is needed for casting a certain spell.

Wanda’s chaos magic may be powerful, but since Wanda has had no special training in how to handle it or employ it systematically, she ends up pouring out too much energy from her body, sometimes even a lot more than what is required. This factor alone may prove disadvantageous for Wanda in a battle between her and Agatha as Wanda lacks the training and the foundational skills of a magic user and may be outclassed by Agatha Harkness the same way she got outclassed by the conniving witch in Agatha’s basement, where she drew Wanda into a ring of magic created by the magical runes that were inscribed by Agatha which makes any magic user’s magic null and void except for the magic wielder who had inscribed the magical runes around the circle.

Wanda Vs Agatha Who Will Win The Witch Battle?
Wanda Vs Agatha Who Will Win The Witch Battle?

Wanda may just be the protégé of the magical Universe, who figured out the use and employment of spells all by herself and managed to take on the likes of Thanos without any training. But Agatha has 10,000 + years of experience in manifesting magic and her foundational techniques seem to be pretty strong, especially after witnessing her transform an insect into a bird. Agatha’s magic is a kind of leech magic that feeds on the magic powers of her enemies, but she would win against Wanda as she will only consume all the extra magic that Wanda will dish out unknowingly due to lack of training and easily defeat Wanda in a one-on-one battle without causing a fuss.

In addition to this Agatha Harkness has a strong grip on the knowledge of spells and incantations, which during a battle may take time to cast. But once cast by the user who cast the spells and the incantations can draw out the enemies’ power and account them to nothing more than a mere human being.

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