10 Characters who Almost Ruined our Favorite TV Shows

Characters Almost Ruined Favorite TV Shows:

In every TV series, there is at least one annoying character that bugs all the fans. The fans do not mind as long as these characters are still entertaining, as some characters are written to be annoying. But sometimes, those characters become so bothersome that they sink the entire series with their obnoxiousness. These characters almost ruined our favorite shows, and we are glad that they failed.

#1: Pete Campbell

Characters Almost Ruined Favorite TV Shows

Played By: Vincent Kartheiser

TV Show: Mad Men

Pete had no redeeming qualities whatsoever, his arrogant and egotistical thinking ruined the lives of everyone, including his own. Even his co-workers hated him, and we think that rubbed on to the viewers as well. After a while, he became unbearable as he practically never did anything likable.

#2: Emily Waltham

Characters Almost Ruined Favorite TV Shows

Played By: Helen Baxendale


From a logical viewpoint, Emily was never really wrong, but she committed the cardinal sin of trying to break-up our beloved gang. Ross completely messed up at the wedding, but after that incident, Emily became paranoid and distrusting. Granted, it was a genuine reaction, but despite that, the fans were happy after she left.

#3: Priya Koothrappali

Characters Almost Ruined Favorite TV Shows

Played By: Aarti Mann

TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

Leonard’s love interest and Raj’s sister, Priya essentially brought nothing new to this beloved sitcom. Her character wasn’t funny and her bossy attitude didn’t help her one bit. She tried to create a rift between Sheldon and Leonard. On top of that, she even cheated on Leonard. We were glad when she was gone.

#4: Zoey Pierson

Played By: Jennifer Morrison

TV Show: How I Met Your Mother

The Majority of Ted’s love interests are severely hated by the fans, and any one of them could have made this list, but we chose Zoey as she sucked the joy out of the show whenever she came on screen. She even tried to ruin Ted’s life and career. She used Ted from the moment she met him.

#5: Piper Chapman

Played By: Taylor Schilling

TV Show: Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black is a show full of amazing characters with great story arcs, except for the lead character Piper, who became insufferable after the first season itself. Her constant whining and selfishness almost ruined the show for us. We only watched the show for the amazing supporting characters.

#6: Dana Brody

Played By: Morgan Saylor

TV Show: Homeland

Homeland is an intense show that covers provocative themes like terrorism but it transformed into a teenage drama whenever Dana came on screen. The fans wanted more of Nicholas and Claire, but they got her instead. Her character annoyed us a lot, and a lot of fans hate her for almost ruining Homeland.

#7: Ani Achola

Characters Almost Ruined Favorite TV Shows

Played By: Grace Saif

TV Show: 13 Reasons Why

Ani didn’t ‘Almost’ ruin 13 Reasons Why, she lit fire to the entire show and turned it into a raging dumpster fire. The show already had a few problems before season 3, but Ani’s arrival made it unwatchable. There is no division in the fandom, as we all believe that this character destroyed 13 Reasons Why.

#8: Nellie Bertram

Characters Almost Ruined Favorite TV Shows

Played By: Catherine Tate

TV Show: The Office

The Fans were already upset after Steve Carell left, and an arrogant and narcissistic character like Nellie is the last thing we wanted after that. She was completely obnoxious in the Eighth season, especially after she stole Andy’s job but luckily the makers realized that, and they toned her down in the last season.

#9: Sand Snakes

Played By: Jessica Henwick, Keisha Hughes and Rosabell Sellers

TV Show: Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is filled with amazing characters, fans are even fond of the psychopaths in this show, but none of the fans liked the Sand Snakes. In the books, the Sand Snakes are badasses but they were wasted in the show thanks to bad writing. Not even a single GOT fan cared when they died.

#10: Iris West

Played By: Candice Patton

TV Show: The Flash

Iris started as a likable love interest of Barry, but she soon turned into a spoiled brat who takes everyone for granted and believes everyone owes her an explanation. She started out-thinking Barry, Cisco, Harrison Wells, and Caitlin, who are all expert scientists and geniuses, which highlights bad writing. When she said, “We are the Flash” it was all over.

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