10 Possible MCU Events Where It Was “Agatha All Along”

Marvel has established itself as one of the most interesting franchises with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Each project in the MCU is one of the most successful events and has an individual critical response that is actually quite good. It has its lows but recently the movie has only gotten better with time. The most excellent part of this is that it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon and it seems that the franchise is expanding like crazy. The movies and shows are also trying their best at improving upon the past mistakes of the franchise. WandaVision introduced us to the character of the evil witch Agatha Harkness. The latter was responsible for a lot of misdeeds that had happened in the town of Westview. Marvel still has a lot of plotholes that have been left unexplored in the movies. Let’s look at some of the plotholes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that could simply be “Agatha All Along”.

Where Did Goose The Cat Go?

Captain Marvel gave us the character of the Goose the Flerken cat. One of the major impacts that the cat makes is the scratch that it makes on Nick Fury’s face, which makes the latter regret the idea of keeping the cat as his pet. The absence of this cat or even its mention in the MCU after the movie leaves us wondering about what might have happened to the character. We had previously seen Agatha kill Sparky in WandaVision and we won’t be surprised if she is also responsible for the disappearance of Goose.


The Origin Of The EDITH Glasses

The EDITH glasses seem to be one of the most interesting gadgets that Tony Stark might have ever created. It ends up being the key item in Spider-Man: Far From Home since Mysterio tries to go through every possible means to acquire it. This only makes us wonder why this was not used anytime before in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We can only wonder that Agatha, a very powerful witch, might have stolen it.


Ronan’s Defeat In The MCU

One of the most interesting moments from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 has to be the climax where the Guardians end up using the Power Stone to defeat Ronan The Accuser. It was clearly indicated in the movie that holding an Infinity Stone barehand could prove to be very fatal. For Peter Quill to hold this stone is quite possible considering he is the son of a Celestial but that cannot be true for the rest of the Guardians. There is a possible explanation as the purple hues around the Guardians are part of a protective enchantment placed by Agatha herself. The explanation for this could be the very fact that the color of her magic is similar to the Power Stone.


The Ant-Man Moment

Avengers: Endgame had one of the most exciting battle sequences we have witnessed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with all our heroes coming together for battle. It was able to give us something we might not experience in a long time with MCU. But the scene also consisted of a particular moment that might puzzle the fans of Ant-Man. We get to see Ant-Man in his giant form on one side while at the other side of the battlefield we could see Scott helping out Hope Van Dyne. There is a possibility that Agatha might have taken over one of the costumes in order to get closer to the power of the Infinity Gauntlet.


Stephen Strange: A POI

This theory could suggest that Agatha was also involved with Hydra. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we are told by Jasper Stillwell, a Hydra agent, that Stephen Strange is on the list of “Person Of Interest”. But the events of this movie take place way before Strange becomes the Sorcerer Supreme. Since WandaVision told us that Agatha already knew about “Scarlet Witch”, we can take into consideration that she was also aware of Strange and she passed that knowledge to Hydra.


The Story Behind Stormbreaker’s Power

The Stormbreaker ended up being one of the greatest weapons in Avengers: Infinity War during the final battle scene. But the same cannot be said for the weapon during the battle sequences of Avengers: Endgame, as the weapon was unable to defeat Thanos properly. This could be due to Agatha as she might have absorbed some of the power of the weapon as we had previously seen her do in the WandaVision series.


The End Of The Chitauri

During the New York battle sequence of The Avengers, we get to see the entire team of heroes come together against Loki and his army of the Chitauri. While Tony manages to destroy the Chitauri mothership by targeting the nuclear missile at it, we see all the Chitauri soldiers die due to the consequences. There is a possibility that Agatha was battling these aliens similar to the Ancient One and put up a specific spell that was able to kill all of them.


The False Gauntlet

Even though it ends up playing a major role in the Infinity Saga, we got to see the Infinity Gauntlet way earlier in Odin’s vault even though it was supposed to be in Thanos’s ownership according to the MCU timeline. Hela lets the fans know that it is actually a fake and throws it away like any other object of absolutely no worth. This could actually be a fake because Agatha planted it there and took the original one as a means of her own quest to gather the stones.


Lokie Defeats Odin

One of the major twists in MCU has to be when Loki ends up taking Odin’s throne in the ending of Thor: The Dark World. It was later told via the sequel that Odin had been banished to Earth. But this leaves us wondering how the God Of Mischief managed to defeat the most powerful Asgardian God. There is a chance that Agatha might have helped him in this quest as both of them have often shown quite similar perspectives.


The Rat Savior

The Rat that brought back Scott Lang by mistake has to be one of the most essential characters in Avengers: Endgame. But sadly we didn’t get to do so as we never got to see it ever again in the MCU. What if the rat was intentionally placed by none other than Agatha in order for her to quench her interest in the Quantum Realm.

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