Henry Cavill Posts A Glimpse Of New Superman Costume

Superman actor Henry Cavill recently caused a stir with fans when he posted a close up picture of what looks like a black Superman suit on his Instagram account. Henry Cavill did not put an accompanying caption for his mysterious post, but fans of Superman have been quick to point out that the suit is quite similar to the all-black Superman costume as 1993’s Death and Return of Superman comics. Fans are also questioning what the costume will be used for. Many speculating that it’s sequel to Man Of Steel or the Justice League movie.

Last we saw of Superman was in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice where it looked like Superman had finally kicked the bucket at the hands of Doomsday. With his death inspiring Batman and Wonder Woman to seek out other talented individuals to form the Justice League. But we know  Kal-El won’t be dead for long as he is a major cast member in Zac Snyder’s Justice League movie (and from that last scene in BvS where the soil is lifted up from the coffin in an inception like manner)

Henry Cavill Teases Black SUPERMAN Costume for JUSTICE LEAGUE
In 1993 The Death and Return of Superman comics storyline, Superman died in a battle with Doomsday, which was followed by a period in which four different individuals wearing the Superman mantle appeared until the true Superman returned, dressed in a black uniform with a metallic “S” logo. Superman was buried in a black costume with silver highlights by worker robots in the Fortress of Solitude. This was his regeneration outfit, which drew solar energy to slowly bring Kal-El back to the land of the living.
There are also questions that are raised with the feature of the black suit. Like what will Superman be like when he returns to Justice League?In a 2013-2014 comics storyline, the villain Darkseid created a clone of Superman. The black suit-wearing clone went on to pose as Superman, causing a lot of trouble in the process before being killed off.
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We can only speculate so far and patiently wait for The justice League movie to really know.

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