Doctor Strange 2 Should Set Up The Agatha Harkness Spinoff

After the overwhelming response from the fans, Agatha Harkness is going to return in a spin-off. The rumor had been going around for a while and it has recently been confirmed. This dark comedy show will have Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness at the center and will probably explore her adventures of the past. We think that the character will be mentioned before the show kicks off. And Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness should set up the Agatha Harkness spinoff. Read on to see why we think that!


When Wanda Maximoff created the Hex, Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes seemed to be just another prisoner. However, as it turned out, Agnes was Agatha Harkness and as for every anomaly in the Hex, it was ‘Agatha All Along’. And she killed Sparky, too! The show then takes us back a couple of centuries around the time of origin of the Dark Witch. Cut to the present time, Agatha reveals her true intentions which were to know Wanda managed to create a pocket dimension outside the Mirror Dimension. And to take her powers in return for keeping the Hex safe, thereby keeping the twins and Vision safe. Agatha was a powerful and experienced witch and wanted to take Wanda’s powers to stop her destiny which was to destroy existence as everybody knows it.


However, Wanda gets over herself and decides to free the people of Westview. She takes it to the skies where she finally defeated Agatha and punished her. Turns out, Wanda has a sick sense of humor when it comes down to punish the bad guys. Instead of just killing her or banishing her to nothingness, she cast a spell on Harkness, making her the ‘nosy neighbor’ she initially chose to be in the Hex. She did it to keep her under her radar until she needs her help. And as inexperienced a witch Wanda is, she definitely will need to consult Agatha in the future.


Agatha Harkness Spinoff

It was always clear that Agatha will return to the mainstream but in what way, wasn’t clear. Fans really seemed to love Hahn’s performance and now that she even won an Emmy for her performance, Marvel Studios decided to do the right thing. Which was to give Agatha her own show. However, it is still unclear as to where the show will fit in the complex timeline of the MCU. That’s where we come in! We think that Wanda’s next outing in Doctor Strange will kick off the events that are continued in Agatha’s show.



Agatha warned Wanda of the prophecy that will start when she becomes the Scarlet Witch. It was because of this that she wanted to take her powers so she could keep the prophecy from coming true. However, Wanda didn’t listen and unlocked her powers. Also, Wanda just became aware of her true identity and she desperately needs someone to explain to her the full extent of her powers. And almost everyone believes it would be Agatha. And since Wanda has her under control, it would just make sense if she is the one who frees her. With Agatha’s experience and knowledge, Wanda could become the strongest witch the world has ever seen.



The last moments of WandaVision witnessed Wanda in a self-imposed exile, as she gathers the knowledge from the Darkhold. However, she did hear the screams of her twins which meant that they are alive. And knowing Wanda, she will do anything to save them, whatever it takes. Since we will see her next in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the matters of the prophecy and her children will be discussed in the movie.


Since Agatha offered to save Billy and Tommy before, maybe Wanda will take her up on the offer and make a deal with Agatha. In exchange, Agatha might ask for her freedom and if she’s smart, move away from Wanda. From there on, we have two possibilities in mind. Either Agatha uses this freedom to go off on future endeavors while tackling issues and characters from her long past. Or they might use this show as a prequel to WandaVision, answering questions like how did Ralph Bohner end up playing Pietro. Or the bigger question, how did she end up in Westview? It would be pretty interesting if they finally explain her connection to Mephisto, the Devil itself.


Agatha Harkness Spinoff

With all the love and affection this character has gotten, Marvel needs to keep this character around as long as possible. This could either be possible with Valentina as she is already gathering some anti-heroes across the planet. Seeing that Agatha didn’t hurt anyone until she needed to, she is an Anti-Hero. Or they could go back to the source material and use her character as a nanny to Franklin Ric hards, the son of the Fantastic Four.

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