Batman Proves That The Punisher Can’t Beat Daredevil

Both Punisher and Daredevil have been the contenders in a battle of who’s better for a long time now. And while Daredevil has proved to be better, Punisher has bested him on some occasions too. But Batman’s assessment of Punisher’s fighting skills might prove Daredevil’s supremacy. If you find it difficult, read the post and find out how Batman proves that the Punisher can’t beat Daredevil.

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Matt Murdock’s Daredevil and Frank Castle, aka Punisher, have been at each other throats since their first meeting in Daredevil #183(1964). And since then, they and their respective fabs have been fighting each other to see who’s better. While we can all agree that Daredevil is better than him in most stuff, Frank can beat him in close-combat situations. After all, he is an ex-US Marine. But between all these stuff, they have become frenemies.


The Punisher can’t beat Daredevil

For instance, Punisher once saved Daredevil from the police and brought him to his place. Although, that was just to prove that Daredevil is now the same as him. (Daredevil had just killed a criminal, accidentally) But this offended Matt who takes pride in not being a murderer by showing Frank how better than him he is. He takes his guns and uses his skills to detonate bombs. This was enough for Frank to understand that in a balanced environment, he is no match for the Man without Fear.


But fans are not ready to let this slide by. They still think Frank’s ability to take multiple hits, which he learned in his days as a US marine, proves his superiority. Though this can prove why he is as strong as he is, this doesn’t prove that he can take on Daredevil. And Batman proves it!



In a recent crossover between Punisher and Batman in Punisher/Batman: Deadly Knights, Punisher runs into Batman when he chases Jigsaw in the Gotham City. And there, Batman assesses Punisher’s fighting skills and calls him tough but a brute. He even calls Punisher out for his vigilantism methods where he kills the bad guys. In a panel, we can see him saying- Punisher’s tough. Strong. At heart, he’s just a brawler. All rage and brute strength.


And if this is not enough for you to see that Daredevil is much better than Punisher, then nothing will ever be enough. Daredevil has trained with elite martial artists who taught him to take down an entire army without any guns. He, despite being almost entirely blind, can see and sense better than us normal people. And this makes him one of the best superheroes out there.


As for Frank Castle, he might never reach that level of skills. He may be an ex-Marine and the very best among them but he is no Daredevil. Daredevil has trained for this his entire life so he might not be taken down by Punisher in a fair fight. Punisher is only a brute who relies a little too much on strength rather than technique, something real fighters argue against. His results may be more promising in the streets but still, he is no match for Matt Murdock.


The Punisher can’t beat Daredevil, Do you also believe this? Let us know what your answers are down in the comments.

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