WandaVision: What’s Next For Agatha Harkness after the Finale?


WandaVision episode 9 finally gave us the most awaited fight. Agatha Harkness and Wanda Maximoff went toe-to-toe against each other. We finally got to see Agatha’s true powers. During the fight, Agatha almost drained Wanda of her powers. Ultimately, Scarlet Witch borrowed Agatha’s rune trick and left her powerless. Agatha was defeated and asked whether she was going to be locked up somewhere. Unfortunately for her, Wanda had a more poetic punishment in mind. “I’ll give you the role you chose,” Wanda said, as she condemned Agatha to life in the real Westview as “The nosy neighbor.” Wanda then promptly transformed her appearance to something more befitting modern times and the suburbs. With her real personality presumably buried deep, and no knowledge of magic, Agatha displayed the bright and sunny demeanor she’d only emulated before.

Wanda assured Agatha nobody would ever bother her — and that she would be seeing her. This called back to the fact that, while pleading, Agatha said Wanda was going to need her regarding what had now been unleashed. “If I do, I know where to find you,” Wanda replied, before later taking care of everything else and leaving town. Agatha’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe can go in possible directions from here.

Firstly, now sans powers and forced to live a normal life, she may connect with any shred of humanity she may have left. People under Scarlet Witch’s control always remembered what transpired upon awakening. As such, spending however much time living among regular people and being reliant on self and others more than magic, could shift Agatha away from villainy. That would bring her more in line with the comics. Then again, this time could be viewed by her as being outright hell on Earth. Therefore, Agatha may emerge more villainous than ever (as well as now extremely vengeful). Whatever the case, Agatha served as a testament that the MCU has learned its lesson about merely killing off intriguing antagonists.

Agatha Harkness has more than 300 years of knowledge and experience. She has told Wanda several times that she does not understand her and she might need Agatha’s help. Agatha’s knowledge might be required sooner rather than later. Hearing the twins’ voices calling from some unknown realm will likely be the catalyst for Scarlet Witch to partner with Doctor Strange. However, it’s not outside the realm of possibility for Agatha to be called upon for that journey. As such, she could become as much a companion and mentor as she was (even after death) in the comics. 
Agatha is now trapped forever in Westview. We do not know where to go from here. Fans probably shouldn’t expect her to cross paths with and work for the Fantastic Four as she does in the comics. That would also be an interesting flip on the comic storyline. Instead of leading Wanda to the magical energy from which to create the twins, Agatha will help guide Wanda to whatever forms remain of them after the fact. Depending on whatever dimension they were calling from, that could lead to such villainous entities as Nightmare or Chthon. Agatha is a loveable character. She has been compared to Hela as well. Fans do not want her to leave this soon. If Marvel takes this into consideration, then we would love more of Agatha in the MCU!
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