WandaVision Characters Ranked From Worst to Best

The WandaVision epilogue which was first premiered at the beginning of the year on January 15, witnessed the events after the Endgame and marked a return of the MCU to the silver screen. The long-awaited episode started after a waiting interval of nearly 18 months and saw a whole new story unfold. Based on the events of the endgame, fans suspected that Wanda would go on a quest with the remaining Avengers and maybe in the process introduce new characters. But the story did not unfold like the fans predicted it to be, rather the narrative majored around Wanda and Vision as the lead characters. While doing so we also got a sneak peek into several characters who were introduced in the WandaVision story, ranging from the ones with the most villainous character to the one which won the heart of the viewers. Here is a list of characters from the most villainous intents to the most virtuous characters in the MCU.

10. Agatha Harkness

Probably the most vindictive character of the WandaVision narrative. Towards the end of Episode 7 in the WandaVision arc, we finally witnessed Agnes reveal her true identity and in episode 8 saw the magical prowess of Agatha Harkness. The WandaVision narrative saw how Agatha manipulated the events inside the Hex, in an attempt to make Wanda exert more of her magical powers, with her sole motive of absorbing Wanda’s powers what we believe was an attempt to remain immortal. From the beginning of the episode, Agnes sounded and behaved a lot differently from the rest of the characters in the Westview area.

 9. Pietro

Evan Peters’ portrayal of Pietro Maximoff got a lot of fans excited about the arrival or inclusion of the X-Men in the Marvel timeline, as Evan Peter’s is the X-Men version of Quicksilver that was aired as a part of the X-Men saga. But later we are made aware that Evan Peters’ was nothing more than Ralph Bohner being forced to act as Pietro Maximoff by Agatha, as she was unable to procure the body of Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Pietro Maximoff because his corpse was on another continent.

8. Director Hayward

In the WandaVision epilogue, it was difficult to understand who the real villain was until Tyler Hayward went rogue. In episode 4 we witnessed Director Hayward got Darcy Lewis, Jimmy Woo & Monica Rambeau taken into custody, to implement a successful removal of the said individuals from the facility. It was this when Darcy uncovered Tyler’s dark secret and how he was tracking the vision manifested by Wanda inside the Hex, without informing any of his team members about it. Finally, towards the end, he gets rammed by Darcy Lewis and brought to a complete stop.

 7. Darcy Lewis

The lab assistant of Jane Foster and Erik Selvig made her appearance in episode 4 of the WandaVision epilogue. The character is played by Kat Dennings and she brings about a vast ocean of knowledge and expertise which she had gained while working with Jane Foster and Erik Selvig. Darcy is a character of the Wanda Vision episode who understands the pain and suffering Wanda has gone through. She was even considerate enough to run out in front of the S.W.O.R.D operatives when she saw Vision struggling as he exited the Hex. Darcy Lewis is a supportive character of the WandaVision story.

 6. Jimmy Woo

Jimmy Woo played by Randall Park, is an FBI operative who understands how the government operates and how the heroes have sacrificed their lives to keep people safe on earth. Earlier in the MCU Jimmy was Scott Lang’s parole officer and even though wanted to extend Scott’s prison sentence, he finally realized how important is the job that the heroes do and why they do it. Jimmy Woo’s change of character from the movie ‘Ant-Man & The Wasp’ shows a contrast, with him having developed a deeper conscience towards the hero’s and how each one of them may have played a crucial role to liberate the universe from the greatest threat that anyone may have ever known.

5. Tommy Maximoff

WandaVision Characters Ranked
WandaVision Characters Ranked

Tommy Maximoff is the manifested kid of Wanda Maximoff. Tommy during the progression of the episode grew from a newborn to a 10-year-old boy in no time. Tommy while on the hunt for candies during Halloween discovers his powers of super speed. Which he uses several times during the episode. Tommy is also a brave kid, as in the episode when Agatha has her magical ropes around the twin’s neck. He pleaded for his brother to be left alone in exchange for himself.

4. Billy Maximoff

The second kid and Tommy’s twin is an extremely strong psychic user. He is capable of hearing the thoughts of the people around him in the Hex and is even able to summon his powers to stop bullets. It was Billy’s magic that was able to accelerate the growth of the boys and even hear the crying pleas of his father who had exited the hex in an attempt to get help. It was towards the end of the season where he used the complete extent of his powers to freeze the S.W.O.R.D operatives in their tracks.

3. Monica Rambeau

Teyonah Parris appeared as Geraldine in episode 2 of the Wanda Vision arc and caught the audience off guard as everyone knew she was to play the character of Monica Rambeau. But, in the next episode, we saw her being evicted from the Hex by Wanda and it was then when her actual character as Monica Rambeau came into play. Monica Rambeau post her eviction underwent a change at a molecular level and even master the power she had gained towards the end of the episode.

WandaVision Characters Ranked
WandaVision Characters Ranked

Monica Rambeau sympathized with Wanda and was even able to convince Wanda to take down the Hex at least for some time before Agatha interrupted her appeal and took Wanda away. Monica Rambeau was the original choice for the head of the S.W.O.R.D research after her mother’s demise, but post blip Hayward Tyler overtook as the director.

2. Vision

WandaVision Characters Ranked
WandaVision Characters Ranked

Vision in the WandaVision arc comes off as two completely different individuals. The first half of Paul Bettany’s performance saw him play the confused character who was not able to remember anything from his past except for being in love with Wanda. Wanda’s manifested version of Vision through the series grew suspicious of the plot and the people being implanted around him and finally sought out to look for answers outside the hex, which left him nearly dead.

However, during his battle with White Vision, he was able to impart his conscience and all of his memories into White Vision. He is one of the most crucial characters through the Wanda Vision arc as he was able to figure out the plot behind the hex, with slight help from Darcy. In the last episode, he was also able to convince Wanda to take down the barrier and release the people caught within the Hex, to which she finally obliged with a heavy heart but clearly with a plan in mind.

1. Wanda Maximoff

WandaVision Characters Ranked
WandaVision Characters Ranked

The start of the WandaVision episode witnessed Wanda with the love of her life in a sitcom setup, which kind of took the audience in surprise. Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) is the only character in the MCU, who has lost almost everything she had. From losing her parent when she was 10 years old, to losing her twin brother and finally if that wasn’t enough had to kill the love of her life. Only to see Thanos bring him back and kill him once again in front of her. Later in the episode, we witness how Wanda had manifested the Hex around Westview County to relieve the pain she had to experience after losing her loved ones.

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