10 Minute Details About Wanda Maximoff That Fans Noticed

Wanda Maximoff aka ‘The Scarlet Witch’ has recently made her prominence know in the MCU. Wanda’s traumatic childhood which led to her developing the current state of powers has been held responsible. Wanda’s emotional state may also adversely affect the output of her power, which has been shown via various events which have unfolded in the Wanda Vision television series being aired on Disney+. Wanda is certainly on a completely omnipotent level when it comes to deploying her magic. Wanda has been known to bring down foes even the entire Avengers team could not bring down, all by herself. Wanda’s struggle for being able to protect her loved ones and the ones she cares about has made her evolve into an omega-level hero, or is she? Is it still a question that remains unanswered?

Insanely Powerful

In the Avengers: Endgame, Wanda seemed to have turned the tables on one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Wanda is seeing toying with Thanos just after cracking his dual honed sword and break down his armor into pieces while ripping it off of Thanos.

Her Eventual Purpose As A Member Of Avengers

Ultron in the Age of Ultron, made a comment claiming Wanda’s ability to tear up the Avengers from within. As he is well aware of Wanda’s ability to cause chaos in one’s mind using her magic. Which eventually, in the Civil War, we see that Wanda’s actions lead to the Sokovia accords and created a rip between Steve and Tony.

She Is Aware Of Her Surroundings

After the events of Age of Ultron, in the post-credit scene, we see Captain America calling on the Vision, Wanda, and Sam for a training bout. This is extremely evident in the Civil War sequel where Wanda creates a barrier of energy on her back to avoid being hit by any bullets being fired at her while casting a spell to extract the poisonous gas inside the building and shooting it up into the atmosphere.

She Can Manipulate Vision

Vision’s power includes manipulation of his molecular structure to either pass through obstacles or to increase his mass to enhance his durability or his punches. In the Civil War, we see Wanda not just moving Vision using her magic. But also bring about a drastic change in the Vison’s mass by the use of her magic or maybe because of an innate connection both Wanda and Vision share with the mind stone.

Wanda And Vision Clicked Instantaneously

In the Age of Ultron series, when Ultron is born the first person, he locks eyes with is Wanda Maximoff. With both of them directly or indirectly linked to the mind stone, soon enough share a strong bond between each other.

She Transitioned Into A Hero

Wanda initially starts with the idea of destroying Stark, to avenge what stark industries did to her family. But eventually, she makes peace with the past and decides to tag along with the Avengers to beat the bad guys. During this journey also found a partner in Vision and planned a  peaceful life after everything had calmed down.

She Can Control Her Surroundings

Wanda is capable of controlling her surroundings as per her liking. If you wish to see an example, Watch the latest WandaVision series on Disney+ and you will understand what I mean to implicate with this theory.

She Can Induce Premonitions

In the Age of Ultron narrative, Wanda cast’s a mirage in the minds of Avengers and Tony’s premonition it is shown that Captain’s shield is broken in half. The same crack reappears when Wanda rips out Ultron’s heart from his chest, both the shield and Ultron’s chest are made of Vibranium.

She Is Still Not Transitioned Into The ‘Scarlet Witch’

In the entire MCU storyline, Wanda Maximoff was not referred to as the Scarlet Witch until WandaVision. The only name she has been referred to as Wanda Maximoff. Even after the events of the Endgame, where she kind of single-handedly was able to handle Thanos all alone. She had still not transitioned off to a level worthy of being denounced off as the ‘Scarlet Witch’. Now, WandaVision has finally announced her as the Scarlet Witch.

She Missed A Key Detail During A Battle

In the Ultron narrative, we witness that one of the bots is still in motion, and while Wanda heads off to the location where Ultron has been dropped off by Hulk. To avenge the death of her brother Pietro she leaves the Sokovia trigger unmanned. Which eventually leads to the destruction of Sokovia.

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