Marvel Announces a “What If?” Series on Disney+, First Details Revealed

Marvel’s going to have a big year as far as 2020 properties are concerned because not only are they going to launch 2 big MCU prequels, but they are also going to continue things post Avengers: Endgame with projects of Disney+, which is launching on November 12 this year. With its launch, it will obviously bring in a few new original shows, and 8 of them have been reported as MCU related series.


From what we know so far as a courtesy of Deadline’s previous report, Disney+ is developing 18 movies and 16 TV series. Here’s what the report read:

“There may be as many as 18 films and 16 TV series in some form of development for [Disney+]. Plus we expect some licensed content to be purchased or repurchased from other outlets as Disney looks to fill in programming gaps prior to the service’s launch later this year.”

Falcon & Winter Soldier will probably be the first Marvel series to be launched with the streaming service, and it will probably lead us into WandaVision. But probably to bridge the gap between those two shows, Marvel is bringing us the first animated show which will be canon to the live action Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it will be called “What If?”

Getting to work upon a streaming service portal, Marvel actually gets the freedom to launch a bunch of spin-offs which they certainly wouldn’t have made movies out of. That is why most of the sidekicks of the MCU are getting their own series as they will also give certain characters the screen time that they need, allow movies to not be burdened with them, and obviously tell unique new stories.


Talking of unique, the “What If?” series would surely bring us some of the most unthought-of scenarios from the MCU. They will offer us “what if this would have happened instead of this” situations. During the presentation that Kevin Feige made on Disney’s Investor Day event, he revealed a few details about this alternate reality animated series. He said:

“Marvel Studios’s first animated series. Taking inspiration from the comics of the same name, etc episode will feature a different moment from the MCU and turn it on its head.”

The big example of what this show would offer us came from Feige’s explanation of the first episode as he said that we’d actually witness a world where instead of Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter got the Super Soldier Serum, while Rogers also joined the fight in a suit of armor created by Howard Stark. Feige also mentioned that “new and returning cast members will be lending their voice to the animated counterparts.”

Avengers: Endgame Captain America

So this means that even after leaving the MCU movies, we could actually get to hear Chris Evans lend his voice upon the show. Whether or not he does that, we can be sure that Hayley Atwell will certainly return to voice Peggy Carter. That would mark her third MCU appearance on a TV show although this time things will be led by Kevin Feige.

This show could actually offer us with some strange and amazing possibilities, and that is why it is probably the most interesting show to be added on the streaming service. Kevin Feige is extremely excited about Disney+ as he said:

“Disney+ is, yes. Which is another exciting avenue and another exciting thing about being at this place at this time and goes back to the amount of characters we have and the amount of stories we could tell.”

“Each of the series will be equal to the movies in quality and storytelling. They are immensely important. Deepen the mythology and significant impact the future of the MCU.”

Disney+ Marvel

So the total 8 shows that we are getting include – Hawkeye, Loki, Lady Sif, WandaVision, Falcon & Winter Soldier, Marvel’s Hero Project, Marvel’s 616, What If?. We just cannot ask for more.

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