10 Most Epic Kamehameha Attacks in Dragon Ball History- Ranked

Kamehameha Attacks in Dragon Ball:

The Kamehameha is the signature technique of Dragon Ball. Some would claim it is even more popular than Spirit Bomb. Throughout the decades of Dragon Ball, we have seen a lot of times when Goku used this technique as a finishing move. But there are times where he just hit the ball right out of the park.

 1. Big Bang Kamehameha

You may hate Dragon Ball GT for its many flaws. But we have to admit that the show does have some amazing moments and milestones. Dragon Ball GT introduced us to Super Saiyan 4 and villains like Omega Shenron and Baby. It also brought to the limelight a powerful technique called the Big Bang Kamehameha. It basically combines Vegeta’s Big Bang attack with Goku’s Kamehameha to create a powerful beam of energy. Big Bang Kamehameha was one of the first techniques that combined two prominent techniques of Vegeta and Goku. Many more followed later.

 2. Kaio-Ken Kamehameha

Kaio-Ken is a technique that allows a warrior to increase the Ki Generated by his body exponentially. Even though the technique only lasts for a heartbeat and the Ki Flow returns to normal after that, the massive dosage of Ki the body receives for a few moments is more than enough to change the tide of battle. Goku learned Kaio-Ken from Supreme Kai. Using Kaio-Ken, he almost fought Prince Vegeta to a standstill. Kaio-Ken is generally used by Goku to dramatically increase his combat skills. But it can also be used to power up his Kamehameha attack. And the results are spectacularly brilliant. Every time Goku multiplies his Ki output with Kaio-Ken, the strength of his Kamehameha attack increases tenfold. Goku has used Kaio-Ken Kamehameha to defeat Vegeta when he was using his Gallick Gun as well as use it as a source of thrust to swerve his spaceship away from a super-massive star.

 3. Feet Kamehameha

There was a time Goku did not know how to fly. There was also a time when Piccolo was a bad guy and Goku and Piccolo were bitter enemies. When Piccolo met Goku in battle, he flew him-self up into the air and it was a huge advantage (he had the high ground!). Goku was knocked down and he had to think of something to get to Piccolo, who was floating up above in the atmosphere. So Goku decided to use Feet Kamehameha. Using his legs to charge up a Kamehameha underneath, Goku propelled him-self up into the air to fight Piccolo. Goku basically became a human rocket. Oh wait, we mean a Saiyan rocket!!

 4. Father-Son Kamehameha

This epic attack has become a milestone for the entire Dragon Ball fan base. Gohan’s journey as a warrior reached a penultimate point when he fought Cell. Nobody thought he could do it. Even Goku died fighting Cell and saving countless innocent lives. What will Gohan do? Turns out, Gohan actually has the potential to fight Cell one on one. Being the first Saiyan in history to have unlocked the second form of the Super Saiyan Transformation, Gohan took it up a notch when he used a final Kamehameha attack pooling in all of his remaining Super Saiyan Energy. His arm was broken at the time so he was helped by his then late father Goku, who also pooled in his energies and created a massive Kamehameha attack that pushed Cell out of the boundaries of Earth’s atmosphere and into space, where he was disintegrated.

 5. Final Flash Kamehameha

What Kamehameha is to Goku, Final Flash is to Vegeta. These are the signature moves of the two pure-blooded Super Saiyan warriors. In Dragon Ball, there is a way to fuse two powerful warriors to form one entity that has a power level that far exceeds that of the individual forces that fused together. Through the technique of Fusion, Goku and Vegeta have combined to become Gogeta and Vegito. It was a welcome gesture to see Gogeta finally making a comeback in Dragon Ball Super. One of the greatest highlights of his return was the Final Flash Kamehameha. It combined the explosive effect of Final Flash with the precision of Kamehameha. The result was an attack that had the potential to destroy Earth if used wrongly.

 6. Instant Transmission Kamehameha

After Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan to defeat Frieza, he traveled to the Planet Yardrat where he learned a technique that allows him to teleport from one point in the universe to another instantaneously. The technique is called Instant Transmission and it requires a person to learn the ancient discipline of Spirit Control from the Elders of Yardrat. The Instant Transmission technique forms a powerful combination with the Kamehameha attack. While fighting Cell, Goku got so angry that he charged up a Kamehameha attack so much the rest of the Z Fighters thought the Earth will explode if Cell manages to deflect the strike and it hits the ground instead. While everyone was scared, Goku revealed his plan. He had used instant transmission to teleport him-self right near Cell so that he could eliminate Cell in no time. The Instant Transmission blew up half of Cell’s body.

 7. Family Kamehameha

Unlike the Father-Son Kamehameha, the Family Kamehameha does not hold as much power. It is special nonetheless. And that is because it showed us the entire family of Goku coming together to fire a single strong beam of pure energy. Goten, Gohan, and Goku realized that the only way they get to stop Broly, the unstoppable Legendary Super Saiyan, is by combining their powers and creating a massive offensive attack that could finally push the green-haired Super Saiyan out of the boundary. The Family Kamehameha shows the entire two generations of Goku’s family come together to fire a shot. It does not get any better than this. The moment is no longer canon and thus will never be a part of official Dragon Ball History.

 8. Ultra Instinct Kamehameha

The Ultra Instinct technique in itself is mind-blowing. The power of Godly Ki and the ability to channel it inwards leading to a massive increase in speed and agility, with the mind letting Divine Instinct take control is extremely potent. Jiren, the Multi Verse’s strongest Mortal, could not fight Goku when he was using Ultra Instinct. But the most epic moment when Goku was using Ultra Instinct was when he resorted to the familiar Kamehameha attack. The Ultra Instinct Kamehameha attack was special because it was the last and final move that knocked out Kefla, the legendary Super Saiyan from Universe 6, out of the arena. Ultra Instinct being the newest technique Goku learned and Kamehameha attack being one of the first Goku mastered, their combination was a welcome surprise.

 9. God Kamehameha

The God Kamehameha is an attack used by Super Saiyan Blue Goku. While a regular Kamehameha attack requires concentration of Ki into one point, the God Kamehameha takes it a little further. There are two forms of Ki in the Dragon Ball Universe. Mortal Ki is used by mortals. It is less refined and the output is very inefficient when used to perform attacks. Then there is the God Ki – a more potent form of refined Ki that is only available to the Gods. Using Mortal Ki to charge a Kamehameha itself is a powerful move. Imagine if you can use God Ki to do the same. Super Saiyan Blue Goku has access to Godly Ki and thus can use the formidable God Kamehameha.

 10. MAX Power Kamehameha

The original user of the Kamehameha is not Goku. It is Master Roshi. He spent around 50 years perfecting the Kamehameha technique which works on the basis of energy concentration. Since he is the original user of the technique, he was the first one to show the destructive potential of the Kamehameha attack. The MAX Power Kamehameha attack is a technique used by Master Roshi in his MAX form. The MAX Power Kamehameha has lost its charm but a true Dragon Ball fan will never forget the moment where Master Roshi, in his Jackie Chun avatar, used the Max Power Kamehameha to destroy the moon so that Goku does not turn into his Great Ape form. Roshi used the attack later in the Tournament of Power to defeat Dium and later combined it with his life force to create an even more powerful attack to take down Ganos.

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