Dragon Ball Super May Have Found A Way To Replace Goku

Dragon Ball Super Replace Goku:

We all love Akira Toriyama because he gave us the Dragon Ball series and movies, with many characters for us to love over these years. As we all know that Goku has, unquestionably, become the front face of the entire series, and the story also revolves around him, we have seen him fight every battle with his full heart and always pushing limits. From the first-ever Kamehameha to finally achieving Mastered Ultra Instinct that even put the Gods to shame, Goku never settles.

Goku Shot One Punch Man

It’s true that Goku has always stepped up to fight any evil and is called Earth’s greatest protectors, but we’ve also seen him win his battles with the help of other Z fighters. This happens when his final form in many fights is not enough, for example, when he first fought Broly, he did not stand a chance as Broly single-handedly demolished the Z fighters. But eventually, when everyone – Gohan, Vegeta, and Picollo – channeled their energy and powered up Goku, he finally stood a chance. This leaves us with a question, who would even qualify to be Goku’s successor as the greatest protector of Earth? We might have an answer, and that is Uub.

As we see Dragon Ball Super reach its climactic battle against Moro, the series teases that Uub might have the power to reign after Goku. Uub is the kind and good-hearted reincarnation of the evil Kid Buu who was undoubtedly much stronger and demented than both the Buus that were there before him. One of the most exciting and climactic battles of Dragon Ball Z’s, Goku wished that somehow if the evil Kid Buu could return as a good guy and they could spar once more. This is normal as Goku loves fighting against people who push their limits. Uub is created when King Yemma overheard Goku’s wish and in the epilogue set 10 years after DBZ, we see that in the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, Uub has also participated. The reason of Uub’s participation is that he wanted to win the money and help his famished village.

When Goku learned Uub’s origins and lineage, he mentored the powerful Uub. Years later after they completed the training we see Uub absorbing Majin Buu to grow exponentially stronger and help Z fighters in the non-canonical Dragon Ball GT. Now at the end of Dragon Ball Super, we see Goku engaging with Moro in a final showdown. Seeing this, the Z fighters lend their Ki to Goku for far greater enhanced skills in combat. Meanwhile, Majin Buu who once absorbed Supreme Kai channels his knowledge to teach young Uub as to how he can lend his Ki to Goku. But once Uub did that, Goku felt divine energy lifting him up putting and him on a pedestal. This clearly tells us that Uub has the divine energy of Supreme Kai that Majin Buu absorbed all a millennia ago, and instead of going to Majin Buu, it came to him. This pushes Goku so far that he overpowers Moro once and for all.

We know that we do not want to see Goku leave the Dragon Ball Series ever, but there might be a time when we’ll see Uub taking on the torch to carry the name of his great master Goku.

And then, just like how Master Roshi comes and wows us with his power, we might see Goku coming in to save the day and help is student Uub.

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