10 Strongest Superheroes of The Boys – Ranked

Strongest Superheroes of The Boys:

The Boys is the new superhero talk of the town. This Amazon TV Show is virtually a slap on the cheek for every superhero fiction show or movie ever created. If God is all-powerful, he cannot be all good. If he is all good, he cannot be all-powerful. That is what the Boys make us understand. If there are superheroes in the real world, they will always be power-hungry and evil. If power corrupts then superpowers corrupt absolutely. In the world of the Boys, the superheroes are not knights in shining armor but twisted individuals that do not even care for the term “collateral damage”. They will do whatever they want to, wherever they want to and whoever they want to without any fear of repercussions. It is time to rank these super-powered wild cards.

 10. The Deep

Strongest Superheroes of The Boys

We start off this list with the most obvious choice amongst the Seven. The Deep is the Boys’ equivalent of Aquaman of the DCEU. And just like Aquaman, his set of abilities is the point of ridicule for many. The Deep, unlike Aquaman, does not command the forces of Atlantis and the Seven Seas, which would have helped the guy is getting a better position on this list. The Deep can only talk to aquatic animals, has some form of superhuman strength and can breathe and move around underwater faster than the average human being. This is where his powers end. He is no more than just a glorified Olympic level swimmer in the series. So we had to place him the lowest on this list.

 9. Female

Strongest Superheroes of The Boys

The Female is the only member of the Boys to have superhuman abilities. She was part of an extremist group and was exposed to Compound V while still a child. The Female almost never speaks. Her superhuman powers include enhanced agility, superhuman speed and a highly evolved healing factor that can help her recover from fatal injuries in a matter of seconds. The Female acts as the muscle for the Boys and has trouble adjusting to normal life since she was trained to always be a killer. The Female’s real name is unknown and nobody knows how she became such a great close quarter combatant.

 8. Black Noir

Strongest Superheroes of The Boys

The Batman equivalent of the Seven, Black Noir is the most mysterious superhero of the Seven. He is only seen in combat a few numbers of times so it is hard to gauge the true extent of his abilities. What we do know is that Black Noir managed to best the Female, a woman strong enough to rip apart arms from a human body, in minutes. Black Noir is also very good at stealth and assassinations. His fighting prowess is also incredibly potent. It took only a few good moves by Black Noir to take down the Female. While we still do not know who is under that mask, we have to wait and see Black Noir’s true identity being revealed. If it stays true to the comic books, then Black Noir is going to be a super-powered clone of Homelander.

 7. Jack from Jupiter

Strongest Superheroes of The Boys

Jack From Jupiter has not yet appeared in the show. But he is part of the Seven. Or at least he once was. Jack from Jupiter is the least respected member of the group. For a group that has members like the Deep, that is saying something. Jack From Jupiter is based closely on two major DC Comics superheroes – Martian Manhunter and Captain Marvel aka Shazam. Jack from Jupiter has the power of superhuman strength and durability. He only has to utter a magical word called “Carpo” and he can become immune to all forms of weaponry. The only constraint he has is that he has next to no formal training when it comes to handling his superpowers.

 6. Starlight

Strongest Superheroes of The Boys

The one true superhero in the Seven, Starlight was born in the Bible Belt of America and is a stout Christian. She believes in living an idealistic life for others to follow. While she tries to be as perfect as possible, she does have flaws every step of the way. Starlight’s powers include light manipulation. Using her ability to control light energy, Starlight can create concussive blasts of pure photonic energy as well as blind any opponent with a bright light emanating from her body. Starlight can also create artificial darkness by absorbing the light around her.

 5. Translucent

Strongest Superheroes of The Boys

Translucent was the first-ever casualty of the Boys shown on screen. Translucent’s ability allows him to turn invisible. His body can turn its skin into a highly dense and organized carbon-based compound that resembles or is perhaps even stronger than diamond. When in his invisible form, Translucent is extremely valuable at collecting information. He also acts as the Seven’s official information collector and saboteur as well as espionage specialist. His diamond-hard skin also makes him impermeable to all forms of projectile weaponry. The only weakness he has was that only his external body was a hardened shell. Inside, his organs were just like everybody else’s – soft and squishy. Since the human body has a lot of orifices from which explosives or any jagged weapon could be inserted in, Translucent could be killed easily once captured. He is also highly susceptible to electricity.

 4. A-Train

Strongest Superheroes of The Boys

The fastest man in the world, A-Train is one of the newest recruits of the Seven, outranking the only Starlight in terms of seniority. A-Train has had the training to increase his speed ever since he found out he has superpowers but he has had little training to control his own movements while in super-fast motion. So he has a tendency to run really fast and damage a lot of life and property if they come in his way. A-Train may be the fastest member of the Seven but he is a very immature and probably the dumbest member of the group. He is easily walked over by the other members and is very susceptible to influence.

 3. Queen Maeve

Strongest Superheroes of The Boys

Queen Maeve’s official storyline is that she is from the Netherworld – a dark and mysterious place where he is the Queen. But the real truth is Queen Maeve was exposed to Compound V while she was still a baby and grew up to be one of Vought American’s superhero guinea pigs. Queen Maeve is inhumanly strong, even for superhero standards. Queen Maeve is known to be very adept at close quarter combat, her martial arts skills are the stuff of legends. She is also bulletproof and has enhanced durability. Her endurance and stamina are also extremely high. Queen Maeve’s well-endowed physique is also not just for show. She is the only member of the Seven that could even dream of matching Homelander in raw strength.

 2. Tek Knight

Strongest Superheroes of The Boys

Tek Knight is the amalgamation of Iron Man and Batman. He is rich AF like Stark and Wayne but only inherits certain qualities of the two. Tek Knight does not have any superpowers. Instead, he has a genius-level intellect which he uses to create futuristic technology. Tek Knight uses a highly advanced suit of armor fitted with the latest technologies known to man. Tek Knight is one of the most benevolent superheroes to ever exist in The Boys universe. Tek Knight is placed second on this list since he managed to stay at the top of the game even without his superpowers, using sheer intellect alone. He could easily take down the other superheroes under him on this list if need be.

 1. Homelander

Strongest Superheroes of The Boys

Homelander is the most powerful Superhero in the universe of The Boys. He has X-Ray Vision, can shoot lethal heat rays from his eyes, the power of flight, superhuman physical attributes of speed, strength, durability, and stamina, as well as superhuman senses. Homelander is so freaking invincible that he could conquer an entire nation and no one would not be able to do say a word against him. He also has one unique power not found in Superman or Captain America, the two superheroes he is based on – a sonic scream which is powerful enough to make someone’s head explode.

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