5 Reasons Why How To Get Away With Murder Is A Must Watch Show

Criminal Law 101 or as the Professor prefers to call it HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER is one of the amazing series that you will ever watch. And I’d bet you everything that after watching this series you would definitely want to pursue a course in Law. It draws the viewers so much into it. You will always be left wanting to see more and more of this. Here are a list of 5 reasons why you should not miss out on this amazing show.

Cliched ? Nah..

How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) maybe a series that is associated with crimes, investigations and cases in the court. But it is not one of those cliched series like CSI or any other detective series where every episode is associated with a new murder and at the end of the episode the real murderer is behind bars and everybody is happy. No! HTGAWM is a peculiar series where you understand how the real world really is. What people really do. It is a series where an entire season revolves around just one murder with of course additional cases in between.

Female Lead:

In most of the series like this where there are criminal investigations or where there are murders and there are courts and cases you only think of a male lead because you have always seen series where the lead is only a male.

Well apart from the crazy stories and the twists and turns the thing that really sets this series apart is that it has a female lead. The entire series is led by a woman. Viola Davis (Annalise Keating in the series) is the best female lead you can ever witness. The way she carries herself and the way she does everything is perfect and you have got to admit the role suits her well.

Mystery & Suspense in the air:

HTGAWM is an epic series filled with mysteries and loads of suspense. In both of the seasons you will notice that they show the climax at the beginning itself.i.e. you will get to know what happens in the end at the start of the season.

You might think  “now that you know what happens why do I have to see the whole season?” Well this is one trick that they use. They will show you the climax at the very beginning but the way they get to that situation is just unbelievable. You would have never thought of it in that way. Yet in the end it will all make perfect sense.

Perfect Cast: 

The cast of HTGAWM is exceptional. They have all out done themselves. The 5 students, the 2 assistants and the 1 female lead is all that is needed to make this show a big hit. Each person suits their character very well and the way in which they have acted is also amazing.

The Scandals:

While in such series you would expect only court life to be shown it is filled with dramas and scandals as well. Everyone has their own secret love life, their own secret affair with someone else. And that is exactly what people now a days expect some sort of scandal and drama. Well HTGAWM gives that too.


To sum it all  up htgawm is one amazing show where you have everything: Drama, mystery, love, studies and murder. If you do not want to miss out on something awesome then I suggest you start watching this series right away.


Rathna Sudhakar

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