THE FLASH: Here’s How The Movie Could Separate Itself From The TV Show

The Flash has gained popularity in the past few years due to the successful CW TV show of the same name. Now the superhero is heading to the big screen with DCEU’s The Flash. Since both forums deal with the same character, the movie Flash has to change a bit so that audiences can feel like it’s worth it to see Barry Allen on the big screen. Here’re a few pointers on how that could happen:

1) The Film Must Be Darker In Tone:


TV’s Flash is a colorful world with an uplifting, lighthearted tone. It can even be considered a family show gave all the family drama that Barry and his friends go through weekly. Movie Flash has avoided such pitfalls as melodrama does not usually work too well in DCEU ( see Batman V Superman’s criticism). The Flash has been touted to be more humorous, but hopefully, there will be a balance as it can become too campy.

2) Other Speedsters Should Not be Introduced Too Quickly:


Since the movie will supposedly focus on the origins of Barry Allen, it would not be too wise to immediately focus on all the other speedsters from the DC world. As the base story will no doubt be condensed for the big screen, audiences should be offered the opportunity to focus only on The Flash battling one foe, which is rumored to be the team called The Rogues. Since TV’s Flash has already covered the other Speedsters, it would be too similar and a waste of time for fans to spend money on.

3) It Should Have a Different Backstory:


TV’s version has covered many aspects of Barry Allen’s backstory, including the murder of his parents. The series has channeled the character’s origin story. It is important that the writers for the movie should come up with creative ways on how Barry Allen becomes the speedster, and why his inner demons play a part in his crusader role.

Amy Fanai

Movie lover who writes about movies.
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