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The Villain of Blue Beetle is Said To Be Someone Like Darkseid!

2022 kicked off with two of the most awesome projects from DC. The first one was a series based on the character of a lesser-known anti-hero of Peacemaker on the HBO Max streaming platform. And the second one was one of the most interesting takes on the character of the caped crusader by Matt Reeves in The Batman. That’s not all considering we will also get to see some other major characters making their debut in the live-action format soon. Later this year we will get to see Black Adam debut in a project that has been under development for quite a long time with Dwayne Johnson linked to it. But another exciting project that is set to come out soon marking the live-action debut for the character is going to be the Blue Beetle movie. According to rumors, the Villain of Blue Beetle will be someone very much like Darkseid. That should mean something for SnyderVerse fans.

Blue Beetle

Some of the major titles from this year have been shifted to next year including The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Even though they might be the hyped projects for 2023 now, originally the hyped project for the year was supposed to be Blue Beetle. The movie will be helmed by Puerto Rican director Angel Manuel Soto. It was supposed to be a release meant exclusively for the HBO Max streaming platform. But after consideration from the studio, the movie will be getting a theatrical release. Details regarding the project have been kept under wraps except for the fact that Cobra Kai star Xolo Maridueña will be playing the lead role of Jamie Reyes.


Fans got to get a first look at the character during the DC FanDome event last year. In an interview with USA Today, Xolo Maridueña talked about the role and his experience with donning the costume for the character. He stated:

Honestly, it feels like I’ve skipped a few stepping stones. “Cobra Kai” has been such a wonderful opportunity, (and) it feels a little bit intimidating being this is my first movie and it’s in a realm that’s totally different than anything I’ve ever worked on. I’m nervous, but I’m excited. It’s gonna be important, not only for Latinos and to see people of color, brown people, represented onscreen, but also show a story that we haven’t really seen before.


Rumor Surrounding The Villain For Blue Beetle

The Illuminerdi suggested that Lady Styx might feature as the primary antagonist for the upcoming DC project Blue Beetle. According to the rumor, the casting department is actually looking for an actress in their 50s or 60s to take on the role. Lady Styx was introduced to DC in the 2006 run of the 52 DC comics arc. This character hasn’t yet managed to make any sort of live-action appearance. Thus, if she actually appears in the movie, it will mark the live-action debut for both the titular character and this supervillain. Lady Styx was actually created to limit the overuse of characters like Darkseid by the DC Comics’ writers.


Villain of Blue Beetle

It would be interesting to see this character actually making a movie debut with this project. Considering DC is already focusing on some lesser-known DC characters, we can see how this supervillain is a perfect choice. It would actually make for an interesting narrative with the way the character is brought to the screen. The character has actually proven to be quite similar to Darkseid as she once managed to kill most of the Justice League in a futuristic arc. She is actually of an alien race and has four arms and can control thousands of creatures who are known as the Darkstars, who ravage planets to recruit more for her army.


The movie has also added Bruna Marquezine as the female lead, Belissa Escobedo as the younger sister to Jamie, Milagros, and Harvey Guillen set to portray an undeclared character. There has been massive interest in who might be playing the villain in the project. It would be interesting to see who the studio goes for in order to cast in the role of Lady Styx considering the character is the primary antagonist in the movie. Most of the major DC titles have seen a significant shift in their release dates, this might also affect the release of this movie.


Blue Beetle will be released in theaters worldwide on August 18, 2023.

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