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HBO Max’s Gotham PD Series Will Still Focus on Batman and Joker

We are going to see a lot of DC projects that are lined up to be released this year and in the upcoming years. Apart from the DC Extended Universe, there are some more projects that are coming out from the DC Banner. Soon we will get to witness the very first DC spinoff series from The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker. This series will actually be canon to the present narrative of the movie and pick up where it left the John Cena character in the movies. That is not the only DC spinoff series as we will also see a spinoff series from the soon-to-be-released The Batman. Gotham PD will actually be based on Gotham and deal with the events of Gotham. Based on some rumors, it seems that the Gotham PD series might focus a lot more on the characters of Batman and Joker than we would have expected.

The Batman Spinoff

It is not surprising that The Batman is going to be a whole new take on the world of the caped crusader. The movie already has two spinoff projects at development and this indicates that the creators are actually interested in establishing Gotham. Not much is known regarding the spinoff series except for the fact that it will actually be set in The Batman universe that HBO Max is developing. The events of the series will take place during Bruce Wayne’s first year of crime-fighting. Joe Barton took the helm of the series from Terence Winter and he actually gave some insight into the show when the scripts for it were completed.


New Rumors For Gotham PD Series

A post from Fearlessbat of the SuperHeroHype forums revealed some exciting new details regarding the upcoming series. This post mentions:

Its being described as a blend of Gotham Central, Year One and The Man Who Laughs;
Joker will be the main antagonist, we’ll see his “origin” through the eyes of the police/Batman;
Batman will have a bigger role then expected;
No Harvey Dent (he’s being kept for The Batman 2);
Kaya Scodelario was in talks for a mysterious role.


According to the details revealed by this post, the series will heavily feature the characters of both Batman and Joker. It is deemed to be a mix of the narratives of the DC comics Gotham Central, Batman: Year One, and Batman: The Man Who Laughs. According to one of the posters, the character of Harvey Dent will not be appearing in Season 1 as there might be some plans for him in Season 2. Not only that but there are even plans for the involvement of Kaya Scoledarrio for the series as she is “in talks for a mysterious role.”


Gotham PD Series

This is rather interesting considering there is a lot of discussion about Barry Keoghan making his appearance as the Joker. If these rumors are true then we might actually see some character development for him as it is supposed to be a prequel to the movie. Joker is actually the most important villain for the caped crusader and his past portrayals have been a part of major discussion. Both Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger brought an exciting touch to the character that has been considered the peak for the character’s adaptation. There is yet no confirmation if we will actually get to see Keoghan take on the role of Joker in this Batman universe.


There were rumors regarding Keoghan playing Joker ever since the actor was announced to be a part of the project. The actor is supposed to be playing the role of Stanley Merkel in the series and the joker rumors saw a new height when the actor’s brother confirmed the rumors regarding his take as Joker. Most of the reports regarding the series suggested that the show is going to be titled “Arkham” and that adds to the fact that it is going to feature Arkham Asylum. All these rumors, even though exciting, should be taken with a grain of salt because none of them have been confirmed by the studio or the director himself.


Matt Reeves directed The Batman and it will be released on March 4. There is no confirmed release date for the Gotham PD series even though it is set to come out sometime this year.

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