The True Purpose of Stormbreaker Was To Kill Thor?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen its share of ups and downs. We have seen heroes rise and fall. There have been moments when we were completely unsure if our heroes would survive the battle. Infinity War was an entire movie filled with this dilemma. Only when Thor got the Stormbreaker did we rest easy. Although this weapon was advertised as the one to put an end to Thanos, there is a theory that suggests that the real purpose of Stormbreaker was to kill Thor. Stick with us as we break down the details of this theory.

So our story starts in Ragnarok, as Thor and Loki talk to Odin. These characters soon realize that their father is not for this world and his death is fast approaching. The Allfather warns his son of the danger that will come when his life is over. He tells them that the goddess of death, Hela, his firstborn will come for the throne of Asgard. Soon enough, Hela shows up to claim what she calls her birthright. Her first act as the new villain of Thor is to catch his hammer mid-throw and destroy it.


Hela breaking Mjolnir

Up until now, Mjolnir was thought to be the greatest weapon in existence so when Hela destroys it, Thor loses his mind and his motivation to fight his sister. The weapon was a conduit for Thor’s power, he feels naked without it. But by the end of the movie, the God of thunder had learned to harness his powers without a conduit and used them to hold off Hela as Loki releases Surtur, destroying Asgard and Hela in one fell swoop.


Purpose Of Stormbreaker

But the learning here that Thor’s powers alone we’re not enough. It was made apparent that Thor is extremely powerful but he needs a power conduit to make all use of his abilities. This was accentuated further when Thanos came after the God of Thunder and the Asgardians to acquire the tesseract. The Mad Titan walked through the “Gods” and decimated their civilization while hardly breaking a sweat. Granted, he did have the power stone.


But this made Thor realize his shortcoming and sent him looking for a new weapon to Nidavellir. Interestingly enough, the dwarf King Eitri does not specify why the mold for the Stormbreaker was created in the first place. We think we know why. You see, Odin might have been afraid that Thor would turn on him just as Hela did so he would have asked the dwarves to prepare a God-killing weapon just in case. When Thor is asked by ticket what kind of weapon is he seeking, he replies, “The Thanos killing Kind.”


As we all know, Thanos is an Eternal with Deviant syndrome, so to kill him the weapon would need to bat his regenerative ability. So it makes sense that the Stormbreaker would be the God-killing weapon that Odin ordered to be created. If that is the case then it is quite ironic that the weapon that was made to kill Thor became his greatest ally in the Infinity War. Even if the God of thunder failed, the power of the weapon was made clear, and Thanos did die by it in Endgame.


The Consequences

Although if the theory is to be beloved then it is readily made apparent just what kind of a man Odin really was. He was a paranoid leader, he always had been. This is more in line with his comic character where the Allfather is always wary of everyone, even his most trusted advisor. The attitude even makes him doubt his own son, and so it won’t be all that impossible to think that Odin commissioned a weapon to kill him if he ever stepped out of line.


We are not going to lie, a storyline like that could be incredibly sinister and we are not sure if the MCU would ever implement it. But thinking about it gives us goosebumps. Do you think this theory is feasible or does it sound like hogwash? Could Odin have really ordered the creation of a weapon to Kill Thor? Let us know your opinion of our analysis down in the comments below.

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