The Flash Season 4: Will There Be a New Barry Allen?

Now that the CW’s show The Flash has sent its title character Barry Allen into the Speed Force, everyone is going crazy and speculating as to what will happen next. He has given the charge of Central City to Wally West and other members of the Team Flash. So, now after a lot of speculations, as to what will be the storyline going into Flash Season 4, we throw you another one. Can there be a new Barry Allen in The Flash Season 4?

Here is a suitable explanation for having a new Barry Allen in The Flash Season 4:

We can safely assume that Barry Allen will return to The Flash as no show is crazy enough to kill off its poster character (except Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead). Now the question is how? With his time in Speed Force, Barry can redeem himself and resurrect into a new being altogether.

Now, this directly means that he will be more powerful and have a stronger character than before (not that Barry doesn’t have a good character already). This retirement may make Barry the confident, determinant and independent hero he is as shown in almost all DC comics. This could be the real beginning for Barry Allen as The Flash.

new barry allen

In the comic “Terminal Velocity”, Barry travels to the other side and returns as an improved and a new Barry Allen. This Barry has a greater understanding of his powers and enjoys a special connection with Speed Force. Thus, when he returns to Central City he can have “extra” super-powers and super-strategy to take his enemies down.

If the show runners go with Thinker as the big bad villain in The Flash Season 4, this new Barry Allen could play a huge role in taking down this villain.

What do you think of this theory? Do let us know in the comments.

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