Top 11 Best Ruby On Rails CMS for Programmers

When it comes to most preferred web development framework, Ruby On Rails (RoR) tops the list. Several developers use RoR since 2004. And today, RoR continues to be a favorite of growing denizens. People love it due to convenient features and advantages RoR provides. Many consider RoR as the most efficient programming language present to create and execute content management systems. As you read this blog further, you can browse through 11 best Ruby on Rails content management systems that help enhance your productivity and save your time.

RailFrog CMS

This is rated as the Best Ruby on Rails Content management system working on the RoR platform.

Radiant CMS

Radiant CMS is widely popular CMS built with Ruby On Rails (RoR) for its brilliant user interface. This open source CMS comprises of selected range of remarkable features and functionalities. You can browse through a plethora of templates reflecting attractive layouts, and page arts. You also get useful snippets and plugins when you use Radiant CMS.

Flagship Docs

When developers often talk about the hassle-free Content Management Systems (CMS), Flagship Docs often tops their list. It is one of the best CMS for programmers built with Ruby On Rails.

It may have transpired to you from the name that this is a document management system. It is clean, curt, and extremely easy to use. Sole proprietors, small business, enterprises or large organizations; anyone can use Flagship Docs CMS.

Flagship Docs offers a document management system that features an intuitive, and a clean user interface. This favors seamless per-organization control. It also provides robust search functionalities along with cool display options.


If you are a developer who is looking for the most advanced open source application CMS platform that runs on RoR engine, Adva_cms is for you. The Adva_cms framework is entirely placed in the vendor directory. This keeps the main application directory clean and therefore it works efficiently. Therefore, users can reclaim an application directory and use it exclusively for their personal app files. As a user, you can only select features and engines that are required to run the application overlooking other features.


Do you need a powerful CMS that works well for Ruby On Rail three applications? You should consider Comfortable Mexican Sofa, the most potent content management system (CMS) engine perfectly suitable for RoR three apps.

This framework is known for its unique and robust page templating abilities using tags, and multiple sites from single installation and much more.


Casein CMS is also a open source, lightweight RoR content management system that includes very few CURD interface for user authentication, data and basic management.


webiva-Popular Ruby on Rails CMS

This is a Web 2.0 open source web building system that enables the web designers to develop custom webpage that not only look fantastic, but can also be operated and managed in the way you want. This platform comes with extensible module system, allowing the users to enjoy additional functionality that can be dropped easily into the system. The prime objective of this framework is to take care of the appearance and structure of the website and to ensure that the website is not dumped due to excessive content.


LocomotiveCMS is designed to save your time and help you focus on what matters: front-end technology, standard development process and no learning time for your client.


top best ruby on rails CMS(Content Management System) for Programmers – slatecms

Slate is a content management system (CMS) developed using Ruby on Rails and is focused on rapid production of traditional-style Web sites created by WVU Web Services.

Refinerycms-Awesome Ruby On Rails CMS

Refinery is one of the most popular CMS for Ruby on rails.


browsercms-The Most Popular Ruby On Rails CMS

BrowserCMS supports larger teams of editors, has a robust set of features as part of its core, allows for varied permission models, and is customizable via modules.

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