Transformers- A Fantasy? Not Now.

Transformers- It is no longer just a fantasy. It has become a reality. Kia Motors, a South Korea vehicle manufacturing company, has built the world’s first transformer car.

The transformation of the car takes around 75-85 seconds. This car will be in the market by the year 2019.


Kia Motors is not the only transformer car maker. Let vision, a Turkish company has revealed its Transformer called “Antimon”. Antimon is a robot converts from a BMW. Within 70-80 seconds (as per the video), the car turns into a human-like machine with arms, face and other body parts movements.

Resemblance with Transformers series:

The transformation of the car is being controlled by a human with a remote control.

Transformation from a car to a giant robot

Face and hands movements

Speech capability

That you may not like:


In spite of all these features, Antimon doesn’t fully resemble with the transformation we experienced in Transformers, the Hollywood movie series. Antimon doesn’t have the walking capability. Moreover,hand and face movement is limited.

What’s beyond Transformers:

Antimon is Wi-Fi enabled.

Antimon’s Fuel:

Antimon is run whether on electricity or liquid fuel or both is unknown.Now the fuel dependency of robots like Antimon is going to decide the rate at which countries are going to adapt such machines.

Although the rate of adaptation may differ, complete avoidance will be very much difficult for industries given the fact that such machines are going to be multipurpose in nature.

What’s Next

The initiative is fund sensitive. The success of Antimon and similar robots are going to decide next phase of funding. The funding would ensure whether development and increment in features of these robots are going to be made.

Get ready for a time when your car, your home cleaner, and your personal assistant would be just ONE!

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