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  • Sep- 2016 -
    30 September

    3 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Criminals

    Bitter and painful but true and real. Celebrities are admired by many of us. Sometimes this liking reaches to an extent that we start imitating their lifestyle. I WARN YOU! I warn you on the ground that celebrities who lives ideal life on screen are not ideal in real life. If you don’t believe me then I DARE YOU to…

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  • 29 September

    5 Music Videos That Rocked The World

    Getting maximum viewer attention is not a plain sailing. It becomes more difficult when availability and variety have no cut-off. But there are a few music videos received a maximum response from YouTube viewers all over the world. Blank Space Just 240 days and the video crossed one billion views on YouTube. Within a week, the song got its 155000…

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  • 26 September

     Transformers- A Fantasy? Not Now.

    Transformers- It is no longer just a fantasy. It has become a reality. Kia Motors, a South Korea vehicle manufacturing company, has built the world’s first transformer car. The transformation of the car takes around 75-85 seconds. This car will be in the market by the year 2019. Kia Motors is not the only transformer car maker. Let vision, a…

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  • 17 September

    Six Apps For Your Loved Ones’ Safety

    Who can decide what next moment brings to you? No one. This pulls in need of contingency plan. Contingency plan also has its dependency on resources. Then the question comes what is easily available resource these days. Mobile phone. What if I plan my contingency dependency on a mobile phone? Good. Here I am enlisting a few apps can be…

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  • 14 September
    Science and Mystery

    Solar System Origin- Still A Mystery?

    Who we are ? Where did we come from ? How it all started and why? Origin of Solar System may give most appropriate answers to these questions. From Encounter Hypothesis to Nebular Hypothesis to Protoplanet Hypothesis, the understanding of planets’ origin has been different. Encounter Hypothesis is very simple in terms of explanation. A rouge star passing close to…

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