Gadgets Which Can Take Your Breath Away

All the tech freaks must be waiting for IFA. Not the one that distributes award to our Bollywood stars. IFA is International Funkausstellung. This is one of the biggest consumer technology events in the world. This takes place in Berlin every year. It shows you the future of all the devices that are expected to launch.

 1. Acer appears to be the King


Everyone is in a “thinning” war, be it boys/girls or the phone/laptops/notebook. Everyone is aiming to be sleek. This state of being anorexic has moved from humans to technology. HP ad Lenovo kind of tops in making these thin devices.  HP (0.41 inch), Apple Macbook (0.52 inch) and Macbook Air (0.68 inch), now you yourself can compare and see who wins? Lenovo’s 900S is the  world’s thinnest convertible notebook (0.50 inch) and is made of carbon fibre. Acer is predicted beat all of them and appear to be the winner in this category. Let’s see what happens.

 2. Smartwatches and Smartphones


Don’t you think people are already pretty bored about these watches and phones which are launched every now and then? Or you think there will be people who will be still excited about the new smartwatch and phones? Samsung’s Gear S3 smartwatch, LG’s G Flex 3, Asus’s Zenwatch 3, Huawei’s new creation are some of the expected products to be launched, but their acceptability completely depends on the mood of the consumer. After all, the consumer is the king and this is so true.

 3. Fitbit


The Fitbit charge 2 is expected to be a smart looking device, with quite a big screen and interchangeable bands. The Fitbit Flex 2 is also expected to be a better-looking device and will be waterproof too. It is also expected to have a jewellery like bracelets and pendants as add-ons.

4. SmartTek Ice Maker

This icemaker can turn water into ice in just 6 minutes. Know more about it here.

Let’s see how successful these devices will be. After all, you (the consumer) has got the power.

Misha Mehta

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