After No Way Home, the Role of Wong in Shang-Chi is Even More Confusing

It seems that Marvel is adamant about making Wong a more central character in the MCU. The story starts with his introduction in Doctor Strange. The character was always supposed to be a reliable number 2 for Strange. He fulfilled this role up until Infinity War, but with Endgame, things became far more sinister. Wong came to help Strange because of what Strange had seen not because he was obligated to. You see, Wong was now Sorcerer Supreme. He has appeared as such in all subsequent movies. After this revelation in No Way Home, we are even more excited to see the Role of Wong in Shang-Chi.

Benedict Wong was said to be included in Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings to strengthen the representation quotient of the movie. But this was just a mislead by Marvel Studios. We were still unaware of the fact that the character had elevated to the status of Sorcerer Supreme, so now his actions might have more significant implications than previously thought. The Sorcerer Supreme is charged with the responsibility of protecting this dimension with their lives. This means that it is of utmost importance for these sorcerers to perform their duty with proper care. However, Wong seems to be skirting responsibility in Shang-Chi. Why is that so? Let us try to break it down.


Wong in Shang-Chi

We believe that the association of Wong and Abomination in Shang-Chi was a nod to something going on under the guise of conflict. It seemed like Abomination was attacking the Sorcerer Supreme but in reality, the pair were working together. Many theorized this to be a thunderbolts setup but there was no concrete proof for the same. However, with Wong’s reveal as the Sorcerer Supreme, it is possible that this is a setup for Thunderbolts. If they are not teaming up to stop a greater threat then Wong would never waste his time with the Abomination.


This is also evidenced by the fact that Wong was only seen rushing about in No Way Home, which implies that the character was busy with high-level duties while Strange fooled around with Spider-Man and the team. The character had important things to do. And we think a part of that important duty was to fight and tame Abomination. This could be leading up to an epic clash in the future which might be explored in its own Disney+ series. If you think about it Wong’s appearance in Shang-Chi suddenly takes a whole new and world-altering meaning. After all, it is not wise for the Sorcerer Supreme to be wasting his time.


There is another theory that has been floating around regarding Wong’s new status as the Sorcerer Supreme. Many fans seem to think that his continuous appearances in the MCU may be pointing at his impending doom in the franchise. The character might be headed straight for his death in Multiverse of Madness. This would act as a double whammy because it will give Strange motivation to be the best Sorcerer he can possibly be and also allow the evil version to have some sort of intimidating power.


The Possibilities

Avengers: Endgame Wong

After all, if you enter the universe and immediately dispose of the Sorcerer Supreme then you are not to be trifled with. Whatever the case might be, it is clear that Wong’s arc in the MCU is approaching its third act. The character has already had more than 5 MCU appearances. His next appearance may be his last or may become his most iconic one. This depends on what Marvel Studios wants to do with the character. We believe it might be more feasible to keep him alive to guide future heroes like Shang-Chi. But no one can know what goes on inside the mind of the great Kevin Feige.


Do you think Wong will die in Multiverse of Madness? Did you like Wong in Shang-Chi? Was his fight with Abomination all you hoped it would be? Let us know in the comments below.

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