No Way Home Actually Flipped The Sacrifice of Iron Man in Endgame

The MCU has given us some of the most exciting moments involving the variety of superheroes over the years. These moments actually led to some rather interesting narratives unfolding and they even had an impact on the franchise for a long time. The project that has the most number of such moments has to be Avengers: Endgame, which was a culmination of the Infinity Saga. There are quite a lot of interesting moments here but the most important one was Iron Man’s sacrifice in the end as he was wielding the Infinity stones. But it seems that MCU’s latest project might have actually flipped the script at this moment. Let’s take a look at how Spider-Man: No Way Home actually draws a certain parallel on Iron Man’s sacrifice at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

Iron Man

Tony Stark from the very start of the MCU has played a massive role in the narrative of the franchise. Other than the shorter narrative in his solo ventures, the character also had a hand in being a major character for the larger narrative. The Infinity Saga actually explored him coming to terms with various aspects of his persona that influenced the way he was identified as the superhero we know. He died in the end with a sacrifice that saw him wielding the Infinity Stones embedded in his own version of Infinity Gauntlet. Fans would remember his very last words before he snaps his fingers – “I am Iron Man.”


For a moment there it seemed to be the end of the giant narrative we had seen over the years. But that is not the case as there is a lot that is left for the MCU with a lot of narratives yet to come out. The declaration that he made marked the ending of the movie but it was only the beginning of MCU. Iron Man’s narrative has actually allowed us to see a lot more Marvel superheroes appear in this franchise. We could have actually seen a lot but the very first thing that we actually got to see was the introduction of Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. This was only because of the copyright issues getting figured out in the narrative.


How No Way Home Takes Sacrifice of Iron Man in Endgame?

From the very first solo venture of Spider-Man, we saw him taking Tony Stark as a mentor. Stark has had a massive impact on Spider-Man and making Peter Parker learn about his superhero identity is an essential part of the narrative. Parker makes some mistakes on the way of being Spider-Man but that’s just because he is still coming to his adolescence. Following the death of Iron Man, Peter Parker had the massive fear of continuing to remain the superhero that he was under the circumstances. Far From Home actually saw Iron Man’s absence playing a significant role and Peter actually trying to survive all by himself.


Sacrifice of Iron Man in Endgame

We saw Peter Parker also make a massive sacrifice around the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home. The multiversal chaos had to be prevented and in order to do that Peter asks Doctor Strange to make a final move to the spell. He asks him to make sure that everyone across the multiverse forgets about Peter Parker because it was actually polling everyone who knew Peter Parker. This very sacrifice leads to a completely new beginning for him where he knows the rest of the world but they don’t know about him. We can clearly see that this is all about identity and the role that it plays in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Tony Stark from the very beginning in Iron Man was trying to find his own self while coming across the ego of the persona. He created his own evils and through defeating them he had a greater understanding of himself. His sacrifice in the end actually meant a realization of him being Iron Man. The same cannot be said about Spider-Man as he has a new beginning at his hands where he will come to terms with a new way to grow up as Peter Parker. He gets a fresh start!


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