The Fate of All Doctor Strange Variants is to Defend The Multiverse

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has just exploded in the best possible way with the release of the second trailer of Multiverse of Madness. This trailer along with the SuperBowl TV spot has revealed quite a bit about the plot of the multiverse-focused movie. We thought that the movie would be focused on the adventures of Doctor Strange from the sacred timeline. But it seems that there will be a lot more than what we expected. For starters, there seems to be an influx of new characters for the third Marvel movie in the row. Makes you think what is the purpose of all Doctor Strange variants.

The variants are easy to miss in the trailer. After all, it is only 3 minutes long and no one expects everyone to watch it multiple times at 0.25x speed. But we have you covered. You see, there are a lot of subtle details in this footage the repercussions of which are groundbreaking. As we have mentioned in the preceding paragraph there are at least 4 variants of Doctor Strange in the trailer, and by extension, the movie. This means that the former Sorcerer Supreme will be interacting with himself a lot. We also hope to see battles between the different variants and judging by the footage, we just might.


The Fate Of All Doctor Strange Variants

But we want to talk about something else today. We think that all of these Doctor Strange variants are connected. It may be because of their connection to the mystic arts or due to the fact that they are all echoes of the same person. But after watching the trailer, we think that Strange’s nightmares are visions from his variants. Due to Strange’s actions in Doctor Strange and Endgame things are not so kosher in the Multiverse. It is fragmenting, as seen at the start of the trailer. Things are falling apart and several realities are disintegrating all at once.


We believe that what Doctor Strange sees in his dreams are visions from his other variants and they are purposefully sent his way because now he has to take up the responsibility. This means that he needs to both be held responsible for his actions and that he must take the torch and defend the multiverse. The way the trailer is set up makes us think that all Doctor Strange variants are responsible for defending the multiverse. There is even a Strange variant at the very start who appears only for a brief second. This variant seems to be wearing the same costume as the statue Strange looks up to.


All Doctor Strange Variants

We don’t believe this is a coincidence. This variant is called Defender Strange and he might be a part of The Illuminati. We believe that this variant will fall at the start of the movie and pass his knowledge onto Strange from the sacred timeline. This will ensure that he is forced into action and takes his rightful place as a defender of the multiverse. It is also possible that this variant of Strange will be the first person to encounter Chavez in the multiverse.


The Future

The key in the movie, we think, will be the powers of America Chavez. Her portals seem to open tears in realities that allow beings to transcend the limits of the multiverse. Her powers will be imperative in the narrative of the movie. So much so, that we think that she will be the one to save Strange from The Illuminati. Since her powers are unique to her and do not depend on an external device it is possible that she will become the ace up Strange’s sleeve in the movie. But we still don’t know whether she will align herself with The Illuminati or with the sacred timeline Strange.


She may just be looking for a way to get back to her own timeline. To this end, we feel that our Doctor Strange will attempt to help her. The Illuminati may seek to imprison her and use her for their own ends but Strange will act as her liberator and in turn gain a valuable ally. Although many things about the movie might not be clear, we still feel our theories to be true based upon the current evidence.


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