Here’s Why DC’s Wonder Woman Will Beat Marvel’s Scarlet Witch

Wonder Woman is making rounds across the globe with her solo movie. She has a long rich history and has appeared in subtle ways evolving through the mythical adventures to combating the evil with Justice League and joining hands with other Amazons.

Wonder Woman wields several weapons that make her a badass warrior. Lasso of Truth is one of her most iconic weapons which not only make one incapable of speaking lie, but you just can’t get off from its grip. It’s easy to carry and effective to bound her rogues until they tell the truth.

Sometimes you need a backup plan when you are combatting in the high-stake battles, and that’s when Wonder Woman uses her sheer will to level up her game. She can transfer her brain energy into her physical strength, which covers her immense stamina and speed. Also, her bracelets are one of the iconic weapons of the DC world. Seeing her without her bracelet is just impossible, but the truth is, she gets more brawny without her bracelets.

wonder womanIn the world of DC, magic is one of the most necessary evils to be a strong comic book force, while Wonder Woman is resistant to all kinds of magic. And that’s why she is always a step forward than other members of Justice League. Even Superman is vulnerable to magic.

In the Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ultron said to Scarlett Witch “You can crush the Avengers from the inside”, as she has the power to literally take control of the mind of her opponents and twist it according to her whims and fancies. During Civil War, Team Cap managed to put up a fight only because Scarlet Witch took control of Vision who basically could lift Thor’s hammer. But if Scarlet Witch is up against Wonder Woman, she will lose as her magic won’t work on her, and she has better fighting abilities too.

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