5 Supervillains Who Actually Love Their Enemies

There are some great relationships in the comics, the best out of these are those of the supervillains and their enemies because these are the relationships that actually drive the comics. here are some villains mentioned who actually love their enemies:

Joker and Batman

Joker is amongst the most famous supervillains. This is the easiest and most notable of all. On multiple occasions, the Joker has said that he and Batman can’t exist without one another. Not just that, he also leaves the world of crime when Batman is presumed dead in the Dark Knight returns. What he is, is clearly obsessed with the caped crusader.

Carnage and Venom

supervilliansWhile in prison, a drop of Eddie’s symbiote gets into and infected wound of Kasady’s making him Carnage. This is the reason why Carnage refers to Venom as a father. What’s even worse, that the symbiote can’t be detached from Kasady’s body like it can be done with Brock’s as it is not the symbiote that has bonded with Cletus, but has entered his bloodstream. Even after this, both are fierce enemies.

Luthor and Supergirl

When Luthor’s body was dying due to keeping Kryptonite with him, he transmitted himself to some young person’s body and made Supergirl fall in love with him. He took the persona of Luthor Jr. keeping his company and assets to himself, this wasn’t all, he made the cousin of the Man Of Steel go against her cousin and turned her to his side. But this doesn’t nullify the fact that he too fell in love with her.

Emma Frost and Scott Summers

She is first seen as the White Queen of the Hellfire Club in the X-Men series ‘The Dark Phoenix’ where they try to take control of Jean, the plan backfires greatly though.Later she is rescued by the X-Men and eventually joins the team, playing a prominent role.She probably has a longer romantic relationship with Cyclops than even Jean Grey.

Loki and Thor

SupervillainsNo matter how much madness Loki gets into, no matter how much mayhem he causes he does that because he believes that he wasn’t given his right. Not just the right to be king, but he was never appreciated by his brother Thor. It is his love that drives him crazy.

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