Arrow 100th Episode: Return Of The BLACK CANARY

The Arrow season 4 was one of the most emotionally charged and heart-breaking in the history of the show. There have been many deaths on the show – Tommy Merlyn (friend of Oliver & Laurel’s lover), Moira Queen (Oliver’s mother), Robert Queen (Oliver’s Father), Thea Queen (who was killed by Ra’s Al Gul and then brought back through Lazarus pit), Sara Lance (who was killed by Thea under the influence, later was brought back by the pit and her soul was restored by John Constantine). But Laurel Lance a.k.a Black Canary died a painful death and consumed everyone with grief. In fact, a new character called Evelyn Sharp (it’s Evelyn Crawford in DC Comics) donned the mantle of Black Canary in order to take revenge from Damien Darhk and Ruve Darhk for the murder of her family in episode 19 titled “Canary Cry”. She is now a masked crusader who call herself Artemis and working with the dark archer Prometheus.


Greg Berlanti (executive producer) indicated that they intend to continue with many characters finding their way across all the shows. In June, John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn) and Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) were offered a contract wherein they will be given a series regular status across all the CW/DC superhero shows like Flash, Legends of Tomorrow etc. Katie Cassidy joined the CW/DC bandwagon and will appear across the spectrum of shows.

arrow black canary

But how will she appear if she is dead? Well, the best way to bring someone back is Lazarus pit, Captain Lance (father of Laurel Lance) did beg Nysa Al Ghul to resurrect her using the Lazarus pit, but she had destroyed the well after getting rid of Malcolm Merlyn. It’s possible that there are many Lazarus pits in the multi-verse but the show is unlikely to go there. Marc Guggenheim (the show creator) confirmed that it’s neither Flashpoint nor Flashbacks. Hence, it’s either going to be her doppelganger on Earth-2 ‘Black Siren’ who will make a comeback into the show on the 100th episode during the 4-night DC crossover event or they use time travel component where Sara Lance kills Damien Darhk before 2016.

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