10 Reasons Why Captain America 2 Is Still The Best MCU Film

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is loved by everyone. There are various reasons for the MCU fans to love them. In some places, the MCU is not so perfect. Plenty of MCU films have been released in the last few years. But among them, Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been considered as the best. Now there are various reasons to explain why Captain America 2 is still the best MCU outing.

1. The Winter Soldier was the scariest villain

Sebastian Stan was appreciated for his performance as the Winter Soldier. The character was a legitimately scary villain. He was an implacable foe who cannot be stopped easily and was a big threat to the heroes. If the character wasn’t believable in any way, the whole film would have fallen apart.

2. No usual MCU humor

One of the biggest issues of MCU that has been reported by many people is the use of humor. Most of the time, the jokey nature of the dialogues works against the serious theme of the film. But the second installment of the Captain America trilogy completely stays away from this. The film does not have a dark theme. It uses humor like every other MCU movie. But it is used in lighter moments and in a more efficient way.

3. Had a lasting effect on MCU

why Captain America 2 is still the best

The consequences of Captain America: The Winter Soldier are being felt even today. It started from the introduction of the Winter Soldier and others that presaged to the Falcon and his story to the end of S.H.I.E.L.D. The repercussions were recently faced in Disney+’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This shows how Captain America: The Winter Soldier brought some change to the MCU.

4. The best action sequences

The action scenes of this film are the main highlight. Starting from the opening fight on the freighter to the fight on the overpass, the film is full of amazing action. The best part about the film’s action is that it keeps getting better with every scene. The action scenes also feel real.

5. The introduction of Falcon

The character Sam Wilson aka Falcon was introduced in this film. There are various reasons why this character is now loved by MCU fans. There was a fight sequence of Sam with Crossbones in the climax. It has been highlighted as one of the best scenes of the film. Now, Steve Rogers has retired and Sam Wilson is the new Captain America.

6. Character development of Captain America

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is that one particular film that showed the human side of Steve Rogers. He missed a lot after remaining frozen for many years. Steve was not aware that HYDRA has taken over S.H.I.E.L.D. Steve knew that his friend Bucky has done a lot of wrong things and he won’t stop trying to save him.

7. The elevator fight scene

Why Captain America 2 is still the best

The film was praised for its action sequences. But the scene that has been particularly mentioned as the best is the elevator fight scene. The scene was well choreographed, well shot, and full of tension. It is a scene that is easily ignored in between the epic superhero action scenes of MCU. The scene shows Cap was trapped in an elevator and surrounded by HYDRA, but still, he manages to fight his way out.

8. Sidestepped MCU’s villain issues

MCU films have earned billions at the box office. But most of the MCU fans have pointed a fact about the villains. They say that villains have been mostly cliché and uninteresting. But here it was completely different. Here HYDRA looks like an encompassing force. The tentacles of the logo can be seen coming at the heroes from every angle. The threat is faceless and so it cannot be defeated so easily.

9. Black Widow gets equal amount of screen time

Black Widow is a character that has been mostly ignored in MCU movies. She is a character that gets lost in between an ensemble cast playing the role of superheroes. But this film uses the character perfectly. It shows her skills on screen and explains why she is one of the toughest people on the planet. It shows that she can do much more than fighting aliens, androids, or gods.

10. A different superhero story

MCU superheroes have been always shown in a cliché and formulaic manner. But Captain America: The Winter Soldier does not do the same. The story is involved in a more realistic world of S.H.I.E.L.D., spies, and government. It tells a different superhero story. The film also focuses on the characters and their relationships which makes it a completely different MCU movie.

So, this is why Captain America 2 is still the best MCU film despite 22 other entires.

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