10 Hollywood Thriller Movies That Will Not Let You Leave Your Chair Until The End

Remember how it felt when we encountered The Godfather? We were thrilled. Scroll down to see the list of 10 Hollywood Thriller Movies that will not let you leave your chair until the end.


Best Hollywood Thriller Movies

Directed by David Fincher, starring Brad Pitt as David Mills and Kevin Spacey as John Doe in the lead roles. Se7en is a thriller indie movie of 1995, which absolutely is among the best thrillers out there to watch. A serial killer kills a lot of people in the town, according to the seven sins, and two detectives, played by the two actors, one who’s new to town and the other who’s just about to retire, are given this task of stopping him.


Memento is a movie from 2000, directed by Christopher Nolan. It stars Guy Pearce and Carrie-Anne Moss as lead actors. Guy Pearce plays the role of Leonard Shelby, an insurance investigator, who gets special kind of amnesia or short term memory loss. He uses his notes and tattoos, to get to the man who killed his wife. The last thing he remembers is his wife being murdered and then getting hit to cause him this anterograde amnesia.

The Third Man

A movie from 1949, with the classic taste of Hollywood starring Orson Welles as Harry Lime and Joseph Cotton as Holly Martins, as the main actors in the movie. The movie is based on a situation after the Second World War, in Vienna, Italy, where a man is so trembled by the death of his best friend and tries to investigate his death. In the process, there is corruption revealed from the city, from Vienna, after World War II.


Dating back to 2003, under the direction of Park Chan-wook, starring Choi Min-sik as Dae-us oh and Kang Hye-Jung as Mi-do. Old boy was an amazing thriller movie. The plot is about an innocent man captured and held captive for years for no known reason. He is given a cellphone, money and expensive clothes, and is released. He is awaited by a hard fate unless he finds out who kept him as a captive for such a long time.


Best Hollywood Thriller Movies

From the 90s, Fargo is an amazing thriller from the direction of Ethan Coen and Joel Coen. It stars Frances McDormand as Marge Gunderson and Steve Buscemi as Carl Showalter. The movie revolves around the character, Jerry who hires men to get his wife abducted and held captive so that he can use her to extract money from his father in law. But nothing goes according to the plan and then there are big complications leaving Jerry in big trouble.


90s kids must remember this amazing thriller movie, directed by Michael Maan, starring Al Pacino as Lt. Vincent Hanna and Robert De Niro as Neil McCauley. It’s all based on a robbery, which a renowned robber is about to make before he retires permanently, and it’s the duty of Lieutenant Hanna to find out who that is.

The Departed

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Billy Costigan and Jack Nicolson as Frank, directed by Martin Scorsese. An undercover agent and an espionage agent, gang rivalry and attempts of counter-attacking each other to avoid being exposed in front of their authorities.

The French Connection

The French Connection was awarded the Academy award for best picture, directed by William Friedkin, starring Gene Hackman as Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle and Fernando Rey as Alain Charneir. Doyle is based in New York, along with his partner tries to bust a drug mafia based in France. Doyle is short tempered but dedicated, but his nemesis, Alain is too expert to be called a criminal.

Paradise Now

Paradise Now is a movie directed by Hang Abu-Assad, released in 2005, is too much of a thriller. Ali Suliman stars as Khaled and Lubna Azabal stars as Suha. The plot is thrilling and a little sad, considering there are two friends who are from Palestine and have two days left to take it to serve some cause by being suicide bombers. But they have very different reactions about this.

The Hidden

Hollywood Thriller Movies
Best Hollywood Thriller Movies

Jack Sholder, the director, got this movie released and hit the charts in 1987, starring Kyle MacLachlan as Lloyd Gallagher, and Claudia Christian as Brenda Lee Van Buren as main actors. Its plot is about an alien parasite that targets humans and kills them brutally. An FBI agent, Lloyd Gallagher comes to the rescue and saved everyone from the disaster.

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