5 Dangerous Spider-Man Villains Who Must Be Considered for Future Spider-Man Movies

Spider-Man has battled some really awesome villains on screen from The Green Goblin to Sandman.With Spider-Man: Homecoming currently shooting, it’s good to get our imaginations into the new storyline and hope to see new villains and foes in the new movie.Spider-Man has always had some of the most awesome villains featured in the comic books and since it’s one of the oldest comics ever, you know there are some great ones to pick. Here are five awesome ones that have never been featured in the movies but deserve a place there.

1) Carnage:

Cletus Kasady inherits a piece of Venom’s suit. Keep in mind that it was Spiderman’s suit first, so the symbiote costume gives him a greater power that includes shapeshifting and amazing strength. Carnage was a homicidal maniac who was only stopped by the combined forces of Spiderman and Venom. He is a Spider-Man version of The Joker.

2) Hobgoblin:

Hobgoblin is an upgraded super version of Spider-Man’s foe The Green Goblin. Past characters who have taken over Hobgoblin’s mantle include Harry Osborn, Phil Ulrich, Roderick Kingsley,Jason Macendale and Ned Leeds.The Hobgoblin has a powerful laugh that can cause chaos to the hearer, even resulting in Spiderman to develop a new suit to fight the villain.

3) Black Cat:

Black Cat is Spider-Man’s version of Catwoman.She is a skilled burglar who is also sometimes romantically linked with Spiderman. Black Cat has the power to cause bad luck to fall on her enemies.

4) Kraven The Hunter:

spider-man villains

A rich Russian nobleman with an obsession with animal hunting who sets his sight on Spiderman as his ultimate game. He does not have super powers but is a skilled hunter who is a genius at catching his prey.

5) Spider-Queen:

Spider-Queen has the ability to transform into a giant spider and can control all insects,including Spiderman who has the insect gene with her telepathic powers. She is a newer villain in the comic world but no less a great villain for the webbed hero.

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