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5 Ways How The DCEU Should Continue Beyond The Suicide Squad

The DCEU has always struggled in maintaining a streak of success. It’s not like the Universe has bad or boring characters. It’s actually the opposite. Characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Aquaman, Flash, Darkseid – all make up for one hell of a Universe. But it has been noted that the Studio has been trying to copy Disney and Marvel’s pattern for success and has failed. But recently, it seems like DC can actually go on a success streak. It all began with Zack Snyder’s Justice League which was followed up by James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. Both the movies got really positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. Now, it’s time that the DCEU maintains this streak. Here are 5 ways the DCEU should continue after The Suicide Squad.

1. Keep Telling A Variety Of Different Stories

If we look at the MCU, then it has never stuck up on one genre of story or storytelling. The Studio has never been afraid of taking risks. It’s not like the MCU has not been criticized for their doings, but they’ve prevailed. This is something that the DCEU needs to follow too. However, the latter has finally started tapping into this format with a thriller like BvS and then a comedy action like Shazam!

2. Establish Long-Term Storytelling

People have often asked DC this question – Where are the movies going? On the other hand, MCU has always chosen a destination for their movies. If we look at Snyder’s Justice League, he had two more movies planned following the Knightmare sequence. This could have really established DC in a strong way. It’s about time that DC starts long-term storytelling just like Marvel did for more than a decade.

3. Introduce Lesser-Known Characters

How The DCEU Should Continue

One of the many reasons why MCU got so ridiculously famous is because it started with a lesser-known character like Iron Man. At the start, characters like Spider-Man, X-Men, etc., all had their IPs locked to somebody else. The reason why it played in Marvel’s favor is that it removes the pressure of adhering to strict features that come along with a famous character. DC should follow this too apart from dwelling in characters like Superman, Batman, Joker, Wonder Woman, and such. Introducing lesser-known characters will even expand the universe further.

4. Use The Multiverse Concept

2022’s The Flash is set to introduce the multiverse with Barry Allen following the Flashpoint timeline. The movie is set to introduce two versions of Batman – Keaton, and Affleck – courtesy of the multiverse. Now, this is something that DCEU should follow extensively and have more of such crossovers. Not only will this provide depth to the universe but also a lot of earnings. Ask Marvel. The Studio has dedicated an entire Phase to the concept of the multiverse. It is not afraid to spend big bucks to redefine the meaning of quality content.

5. Restore The SnyderVerse

How The DCEU Should Continue

#RestoretheSnyderverse proved just how strong the internet is. After a year-long campaign on social media and such, WB was forced to finally release Snyder’s cut. The day it dropped, it broke the internet and for all the right reasons. Snyder proved exactly what he was planning in 2017 which didn’t come to fruition. Due to the sudden demise of his daughter, he had to leave the movie back then mid-production. Hastily, the Studio hired Joss Whedon which was not a good choice at all.

Whedon’s version of the film is considered the worst movie in DC’s history. People even said that the CGI looked as if it was done on a mobile phone. However, the main problem with the movie was Steppenwolf and how badly Barry Allen was portrayed. All that was rectified in Zack Snyder’s Justice League as it was explained that Steppenwolf was working for Darkseid who was the real big bad. The latter was even shown in action which the fans absolutely loved.

On the other hand, Barry Allen was shown as the savior as he stepped into the Speed Force and saved the day. Now, somewhat the same will be seen in the upcoming movie. But if the Snyderverse is restored, then characters like Superman and Batman will get such a beautiful closure that will establish DCEU as one of the most well-versed universes out there. Snyder’s Knightmare timeline is horrific yet captivating in its own way. DCEU can still make a lot happen, and all in the right way.

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