How Spider-Man: No Way Home Has Rendered Far From Home Meaningless

Spider-Man: No Way Home was the culmination of the Spider-Man trilogy in the MCU with each project helmed by Jon Watts. This series of Spider-Man movies were a lot more different than the past renditions because of the lack of an origin story that we have been used to over the years. Each movie has managed to set up the next one and this was one of the most exciting things about this series. The second film had one of the biggest cliffhangers from the MCU and the final film was supposed to be deal with it. But while the finale might have continued with that plot point, Spider-Man: No Way Home might have actually made the narrative of its predecessor Far From Home rather pointless.

Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home was the very first story that we got to explore following the massive events of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. It was an important narrative considering Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was still recovering from the loss of a father figure like Iron Man. But the antagonist in the movie was because of something Tony Stark had done and he was motivated at ruining Stark’s legacy thus attacking Spider-Man because of the link Iron Man and Spider-Man shared. Mysterio actually ends up having a backup plan when Spider-Man realizes his true motives.


As Spider-Man manages to defeat Mysterio, Mysterio ends up causing chaos for the hero as he reveals his identity to the world while accusing him of being his killer. The very last scene of the movie actually showed us the absolute chaos that unfolded when this reveal happens. Fans were excited to see how Peter would deal with this as this was considered to be the plot point for the entirety of the movie. There were even theories making rounds that Mysterio will once again return as the villain and that he has actually managed to fake his own death. But things turned out to be rather different in No Way Home as the focus shifted to something else entirely.


How No Way Home Used Far From Home?

The very opening sequences from the movie actually indicate the very first reaction to the reveal of Spider-Man’s true identity. Then we are shown the entire impact of it on Peter Parker and his friends which actually looks rather concerning. This also ends up making way for the cameo from Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock as this confirms Daredevil’s existence in the MCU. Murdock helps Peter with the legal trouble and helps him out with the troubles that he had been facing because of the identity reveal. Following this, there are hardly any stakes that the character faces because of the events of Far From Home.


We saw Peter Parker is actually declared Public Enemy 1# but there is hardly any major problem that the character faces because of them. The moment was Peter’s friends are allowed into MIT is just a minor part considering it could not be entirely put on the identity reveal. Later there are a few moments where some News helicopters follow the Spider-Man around. But the major issue in the movie becomes the botched-up spell that leads to absolute chaos. The villains give a whole new perspective to Spider-Man as he is now a lot more mature than we have seen the character be previously.


Far From Home’s story hardly had any more impact on the movie and the primary antagonist becomes the effects of the Multiverse. Amongst the villains that we got to see Green Goblin has his own narrative that puts an effect on the arc of Spider-Man. In a way, No Way Home is actually a movie of its own that will continue to be amongst the best of the Spider-Man movies we have seen over the years.


Spider-Man: No Way Home is presently in theaters worldwide.

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