10 Things In DC Movie That Fans Totally Hated

DC comics being a very old comic book company has many fans. As we know all film studios make mistakes but it takes something special to piss off your fans by this mistakes. This is done by either some wrong portrayal of characters and changing storylines. This list shows mistakes which fans just hated.

Batman Kills

Well everyone had different opinions on Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman but something many fans did not understand that when Batman goes to save Martha Kent he appears to kill many men on the way to do either by shooting up cars from his plane or in hand to hand combat. In the comics, we see that Batman has one firm belief that he will not kill no matter what the cost and we see this principle being broken rather ruthlessly. This portrayal of the Dark Knight was not well received by many fans.

Superman kills General Zod

Superman is one of the most loved and followed characters. Killing is something superheroes don’t usually do unless there is no other option. Superman kills Zod as he was going to kill a helpless family. As far as the fans are concerned Superman never kills even though he has killed Zod once in the comics they did not want to see this in the movie. One more complaint the fans had was that Superman he had barely fought before was an army general with the same powers how did he manage to win. This was a mistake which really bothered the fans.

Green Lantern

To this day I look at the CGI Green Lantern costume of the 2011 movie and ask myself what the hell is that.  The whole movie was a mistake which ruined one of DC’s best characters. Fans doubted the casting of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. The movie had no plot whatsoever. The fans reaction to the movie was – what was the studio thinking when they released this movie. The costume was the thing that pissed off the fans the most was the suit as it was complete CGI, it glowed and seemed like the power was flowing in the suit. This is one of the worst movies made by DC with Batman and Robin and Catwoman.

Superman in Superman Returns

The casting was the only thing good in this movie as Bryan Singer cast Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor and Brandon Routh as Superman but everything else in this movie was a mistake. There was rarely any good action most of the movie Superman stalked Lois Lane and nothing happened. Singer tried to make Superman more like a normal man instead of giving the fans the action they wanted to see. This movie was more of a romantic movie than a Superhero movie.  The singer made a decent movie but did not give the fans what they really wanted.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

We have seen some excellent portrayals of Lex Luthor by Michael Rosenbaum in Smallville and Kevin Spacey in Superman Returns but Zack Snyder in Batman v Superman wanted to do something different with his version of Lex. This portrayal of Lex was so weird and it was not in accordance to the comics at all. The only thing that was right with this Lex was his hate for Superman and his ability to pull strings to get what he wants. The character played by Jesse felt more like the Joker and not Lex Luthor.  Even though Jesse did what he could the fans hated this version of their beloved villain.

Constantine – Keanu Reeves

The 2005 movie was overall a decent movie but one thing the fans hated was the casting of Keanu Reeves as Constantine. He was nothing like the comics. Constantine is a blonde and Keanu is not. It is almost impossible for most comic book fans to see films differ from the source material. Matt Ryan who is playing Constantine in the T.V. series is perfect for the role. We are not saying Keanu Reeves did a bad job as Constantine he was not the man the fans wanted to see and this also affected the view of many people about the film as they did not even give it a chance.

Clark Kent lets Jonathan Kent die

If you are Superman and the man who is your dad is going to die will you care about hiding your identity or will you save your dad? In Man of Steel Clark Kent lets his father die in the tornado in order to keep his powers hidden. This was very odd to watch as he just let the man who cared for him the most and taught him human values. For the fans, this was opposite of what Superman stands for. Although Man of Steel had many problems this weird scene was worst of them all.


Probably the worst movie DC has ever made. They did everything wrong changed the origin, the character, and everything. Halle Berry ruined the character and also set female superhero films 10 years back.  The movie was so bad and a few scenes were just unwatchable, for example, the basketball scene. Why was it even there! Catwoman’s powers were also changed. The character was revived by Nolan in the Dark Knight series and he did some justice to the character the 2004 film ruined.

Batman and Robin

Batman is most loved DC character so how can you ruin this character well just watch Batman and Robin.  Out of all big budgeted superhero movies, this was the biggest flop. This movie pissed of every fan and honestly no one liked the movie. It ruined many characters like Batgirl who was Alfred’s niece Bane was a joke and Mr.Freeze was a horrendous pun machine. Even the actors in the movie hated the movie. George Clooney was a bad choice for Batman. Chris O’Donnell who played Robin said that they were shooting a big toy commercial and not a movie.



Batman is going to kill Superman with a kryptonite spear as he wants to kill every chance of this godlike being to be evil while Superman is fighting to save his mother and at this intense moment what stops Batman is Superman shouting his mother’s name which is the same as Bruce’s mother and he stops. Are you kidding me? This part ruined this movie for many fans. Even though this was a bad scene it gets way more crap than it should. This part of the movie led to the creation of many jokes and memes.

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