Doctor Strange 2: Wanda’s Massacare Will Lead To Midnight Sons Team-up

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is built on superhero team-ups. From the first Avengers movie to Spider-Man: No Way Home. With the advent of Eternals in the MCU, there has been a sudden infusion of characters. This includes melee fighters just as Dane Whitman’s Black Knight and Blade, who is slated to get his own movie. Also, some major event is about to happen in the Multiverse of Madness. Although we still don’t have a main villain for the phase 4 closing act. An evil version of Strange has been teased but that does not give us a lot to go on. However, there is a Reddit theory that suggests that Wanda’s massacre will lead to a Midnight Sons team-up.

This would be much more feasible because introducing a completely new character from the multiverse would discount the fight itself. If the MCU were to keep introducing evil versions of heroes for them to fight then it will lead to nothing but frustration for the fans. So Reddit user u/Black-kage has come up with a unique idea to solve this problem. He proposes that Evil Strange is misdirection by the studio and it is actually Wanda who will act as the main antagonist of the movie. The user suggests that a certain event will force the Sorcerer’s hand into assembling a team to deal with the problem. The theory even details what the team would look like. Let’s break it down.


Midnight Sons Team-Up

For the uninitiated, Midnight Sons is a team in the marvel comicverse that deals with supernatural disturbances. The team was first assembled in the Marvel comics to battle demons. The first iteration of the team included Deathstalker, Morbius ( a character being introduced in the SPUMC), the Living Vampire, Ghost Rider, and Darkhold Redeemers. Doctor Strange joined the team much later but became a staple part of it. The Reddit user proposes that the MCU’s version of the team will consist of Blade, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, and Black Knight.


But what is interesting is the trigger point of this theory. The user suggests that an event will cause a situation where there are no Sorcerers left in the Hong Kong sanctum. Currently, the only person with the supernatural power to decimate an entire Sanctum Sanctorum is Wanda Maximoff. It is our theory that she will massacre the entire creed of Sorcerers (Wong may also die), and this will force Strange to look for teammates to help take down Wanda and his lackey Evil Strange. If that is the case, then the most feasible candidates would be Blade and Ghost Rider. Black Knight would also tag along because Blade has taken Dane Whitman under his wing.


But many fans would say that the Ghost Rider does not exist in the MCU. Well, that’s where you are wrong, dear reader. There is a Ghost Rider sticker that can be noticed in Eternals. Hence, Marvel is already trying to introduce the character into the MCU. Multiverse of Madness is the perfect stage to introduce the Spirit of Vengence into the MCU. He may be the only demon that Evil Strange will have a difficult time handling. His canon powers are too much for the sorcerer, even if he has gone completely mad.


The Consequences

Although a Midnight Sons Team-up might be very nice to see, it is still harrowing what Wanda might do in the movie. She apologizes to Strange in the trailer and seems to help him in the movie. But it is possible that that too is a misdirection Wanda will not rest until she gets her children back and she will go to any lengths to accomplish that. Now that the multiverse is wide open she can use her powers to transport her children from a universe where they are alive.


She will most likely do this by utilizing the power of the Darkhold and would need to destroy the Sorcerers to stop[ them from interfering. Evil Strange will act as a distraction throughout the entire movie and in the end, the Midnight Sons will come together to make the villainous pair pay for their actions. This theory is quite wild but it is also feasible if you think about it. Let us know what you think about our speculation.

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