Marvel Might Be Wrong About The Blade and Black Knight Connection

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has started working on some major characters now that the Infinity Saga is over. Eternals served the task of giving us an idea of the massive events that are happening throughout the MCU. Most of these events have been a part of the MCU even when before the Avengers existed. But at the same time Marvel ended up introducing us to a few other characters and in a way set them up for their future appearance in an MCU project. While fans were excited to see the hints of the Blade and Black Knight as a part of MCU, the MCU itself might be wrong about how these characters are connected to each other.

Blade and Black Knight in Eternals

One of the most talked-about topics ahead of the release of Eternals was how the character of Dane Whitman was going to turn out in the movie. Kit Harrington’s Dane Whitman was not a major character in the movie but appeared in various moments in the movie as he is Gemma Chan’s Sersi’s love interest. But the post-credits scene reveals that there is a lot more to him than we had witnessed so far. We see him reveal the Ebony Blade and just as he is about to take it we hear another voice. This voice is none other than Mahershala Ali’s Blade as he says, “Sure you’re ready for that, Mr. Whitman?”. Thus, we got to witness two characters in the same scene as one of the characters will be getting his own solo venture soon (Blade).


Blade and Black Knight

Even though there are a lot of questions that Eternals has left us with, one of these questions has to be what might be the connection between Blade and Dane Whitman. It is obvious that Dane Whitman taking the Ebony Blade will be a major part of the MCU going ahead. He might end up getting his own movie or a TV series project which will explore the narrative of the effects the sword might end up having on him as we saw the inscription on the case say, “Death Is His Reward”.


The Connection Between Black Knight And Blade

As Blade is already heard talking to the Black Knight, this might mean that both of these characters are aware of each other. This does not mean even on a lighter note but the fact that Blade shows up when Dane is about to wield the Ebony Blade means he is much more closer to Dane than we might think he is. While this could mean that Marvel is referencing some massive team-up between the two characters, there are other possibilities too.


There is a chance that Blade knows about Black Knight because of the Ebony Blade itself considering the former is a master swordsman. It does make clear sense that Blade would be aware of the presence of Dane Whitman’s new weapon. At the same time, this could hint at the fact that Blade might have interacted with the past members of Whitman’s family who have wielded the sword. Blade being present when Whitman is about to pick the sword would make clear sense under these circumstances.


The Mistake Marvel is Making With This Connection

Blade and Black Knight

There is a chance that we might see the Black Knight team up with Blade as he fights against MCU’s vampires but this would clearly lead to Blade overshadowing Dane Whitman’s character. Dane Whitman should get his own venture where we would get a chance to explore in a much more proper manner. Marvel might be hinting at Blade being Dane Whitman’s mentor but that would impact the narrative of Black Knight being Marvel’s greatest swordsman.


The writers behind the movie had clearly indicated that there were various other choices for the post-credits scene of the movie to feature. Marvel should have actually opted for these choices as now we will be witnessing the characters being referenced in each other’s works. The upcoming Blade movie might actually end up giving us a bit more clarity towards the connection that these two characters share.

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